Ken Counts, Ph.D.

Author of  Rejuvenation

Dr. Ken Counts is a practicing psychologist in central Arkansas who attempts to integrate physical fitness aspects into his patients' treatment plans, when possible. This is because exercise has proven beneficial in terms of stress reduction, or stress management, and is often associated with improvement and self-esteem.

Ken Counts was a high school and collegiate athlete and has always been interested in physical conditioning. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Central Arkansas with a major in Psychology and a minor in Physical Education. After serving in the United States Navy in Vietnam, he returned to the same institution and completed the Master of Science degree in Psychology. Three years later he received his Ph.D. from the University of Southern Mississippi. This was followed by an internship at Central Louisiana State Hospital in Clinical Psychology. After he completed his training, he established his private practice and has practiced in central Arkansas since.

Dr. Counts has also continued to be an athlete - winning State, Regional and National Championships in Masters Power lifting and obtaining "All American" status in Masters Track and Field. Although a "senior," he continues to be active in these sports. He also encourages others to continue to be actively engaged in physical activity regardless of age. He believes that this is beneficial not only physically but also psychologically.

He was woven his interests in psychotherapy and physical fitness together in his clinical practice, whenever possible. He often approaches physical training as a psychologist and psychotherapy as a coach, injecting large doses of humor into both. He enthusiastically expects growth and improvement to evolve in both areas as they work together for the benefit of the whole person.

Dr. Counts continues to live and practice in central Arkansas.

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