Peter Francis Dziuban

Author of  Consciousness Is All

Peter Francis Dziuban (pronounced Jubin) first became interested in philosophy and Reality while attending the University of Notre Dame. He later investigated various philosophies and spiritual teachings through reading, study and practice. These included general Western philosophy, several Eastern teachings, Science of Mind, Unity, Christian Science, and the Infinite Way - notably the writings and talks of Joel Goldsmith, Lorene McClintock and Herb Fitch.

Mr. Dziuban became aware of Absolute Reality through the writings and lectures of Dr. Alfred Aiken in 1985. He continues to work with this material daily. While Consciousness Is All has its foundation in Alfred Aiken's writings and talks, it is a completely new and original work. It was written over a period of several years, and first copyrighted in 1998, although not published until 2005.

Mr. Dziuban has worked at several positions in corporate America - most of them in the communications field, including eight years as a writer. He currently resides in New York, NY.

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