Metaphysical Encounters of a Fourth Kind

An Exacting Science

Audrey Craft Davis

ISBN: 978-1-57733-204-6, 144 pp., 5.5 x 8.5, paperback, $14.95

This book will teach you to apply Metaphysical principles to every area of your life, especially in achieving what you want. First you will learn Treasure-Mapping and Cyber-Optic viewing.

Your thoughts are totally powerful. They have made your world what it is today. If you don't like your world as it is, there is a solution. Change the way you think. Never give your thought to anything that you do not want to materialize in your world. If you think your world stinks, it does, but if you think it is lined with rainbows, it is. Change your thought; change your world. Of all God's creation, man is the only one who can control his world by the way he thinks. Collective thoughts and words have and still do change our civilization and our world.

Do you know that love is the greatest force in the world? Wrap yourself and your loved ones in the magic of love. Scripture speaks of it as "Putting on the whole armor of God."

All of this and more is contained in this book and shows how metaphysics can be an exacting and practical science.


"Dr. Audrey Craft Davis is one of those rare people who can present a complex subject simply and clearly. As an introduction to metaphysics this book is first-rate. Metaphysical Encounters of a Fourth Kind is a guide to self-discovery through metaphysics. It is one of the most important books that you will ever read. Author Dr. Audrey Craft Davis will put you in touch with your God-self, your Inner Divinity. And she will do so in simple terms that will not confuse you. She is a natural healer whose word simplifies Universal Truth and the power to unleash your own inner abilities." Rev. Dr. Paul F. Daniele, Ph.D., Th.D., D.D., P.C. President Emeritus, The College of Metaphysical Studies

Table of Contents

Endorsement by Paul F. Daniele, Ph.D., P.C.
Foreword by Joe Polansky

1. Materialization
2. What Is Psychotronics?
3. Taking Command
4. Staying Positive in a Negative World
5. Right and Left Brain Hemispheres
6. His Magnificent Power
7. Reubin and My Little Voice
8. Psychic Experiences
9. How to Make Contact with Your Angels
10. Networking with Angels
11. Communication with Spirits
12. Bi-Location and Astral Projection
13. Dreams
14. Apparitions
15. The After-Life
16. The Coral Castle
17. Never Fear Death
18. Hidden Guilt
19. Brother/Sister Love Expressed After Death
20. Love Is a Blue Rose


We think of matter as being solid, though there is no such thing. We have a tendency to feel that if we cannot taste it, hear it, see it or touch it, that is to say, use our senses to experience it, it doesn't exist. This is the way we often envision the invisible or spiritual side of life.

Ancient man was more attuned to the spirit of things than we are today. The Indians delineated this in drawings on the walls of their caves. Images of gods with animal bodies and human heads or human bodies with the head of a bird or animal have been discovered in many parts of the world.

Because when they ate the meat of an animal, it gave them life, the animal was thought to be a god. We think of our food as being solid matter, but when we eat it and it is digested, any portion that does not become invisible energy or life force is evacuated by the body.

Everything has a spiritual counterpart. The space around us appears empty, but it is teaming with invisible things.

A scientist takes from the invisible, the elements; one part hydrogen and two parts oxygen and it becomes visible water. Ice is another example of making a visible thing from the invisible. Everything we need exists in invisible (spiritual) form in the very ethers around us. It is just waiting for us to take these components and mold it with our conscious thought.

The thought or idea of acquiring a material thing is invisible as we think it, but it manifests as something we deem solid, like a car or a house.

From experiments made by scientists associated with the Psychotronics Research Association they found that when DNA was placed in front of healers with unconditional love, the helix unwound much more than any other method used. This action seemed to scientifically demonstrate the power of love.

The DNA double helix winding and unwinding was measured with an instrument called an ultraviolet trophometer in tests, proving that love influenced the DNA. Love is the most positive healing force in the universe.

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