Sean Mikuriya

Multi-Cultural Music Series (Music CDs)
My Ship Is a Comin' in (Music CD)

CEO and founder of Pelican Pond Studios, Sean Mikuriya has been playing guitar for session and live performance with top acts around the world for over 15 years. He trained at the Guitar Institute of Technology, Musician's Institute in Los Angeles. After working in numerous studios as an engineer and producer's assistant, he created Pelican Pond Studios, and produces cds in all musical styles, playing guitar, bass, keys, percussion and winds on many of them, as well as computer electronics, drum programming, hip hop and ambient templates. Pelican Pond has now evolved into a pre- and post-production multimedia company able to handle all multimedia needs, and distributes its products through Blue Dolphin Publishing. To date, Pelican Pond Studios has independently produced a 5-part series of music for massage therapists, plus over thirty projects featuring world class music.

Pelican Pond Studios

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