The New Order of Jesus, Volume One

As given by Lord Jesus to the Apostle Thomas, and dictated on earth to their messenger,

Diamantino Coelho Fernandes

Translated from the Portuguese into English by Luiz A. Schiefer

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ISBN: 1-57733-168-0, 312 pp., 6 x 9, paperback, $17.95

The New Order of Jesus is an extraordinary book - as it contains the words of Jesus of Nazareth set forth in 75 "spiritual messages" which teach how, through disciplined spiritual activity, our Spirits (and our bodies) may thrive and flourish.

These messages teach that our earthly life - when viewed within the context of eternal spiritual evolution - is really a "school" where we learn the skills and acquire the knowledge which will enhance our spiritual lives.

That there is a need for such teaching at this time is evident from the large number of people dissatisfied with many of our religious institutions. Without ridiculing or condemning these institutions, Jesus' messages empower us to control our own spiritual destinies and to avoid the dependency fostered by many religious institutions.

Jesus originally gave these messages to his apostle, Thomas, who dictated them to a Brazilian man in the 1970s - yet they are even more important and relevant now due to our current social, political and world situation.


"One might wonder what Jesus would say to humanity during the first decade of the twenty-first century. Read His book and find out. These clear and perceptive messages are continuing proof that Jesus the Christ lives as the highest consciousness of our individual souls, and that he so loves the world that he now chooses to speak to all humanity about the many changes that are coming. If only we would listen...." Most Rev. Paul M. Clemens, Bishop of Northern California

Table of Contents


First Message: Words directed to the world - Life preserver - Jesus settles on earth - All men and women are spirits - The New Order of Jesus - Not a new religion - There is no hell, purgatory or heaven - Invitation to the earthly religions

Second Message: Need for spiritual living - Highly evolved entities assist the incarnate souls - Visualization of human aspirations - The value of prayers - Reason for difficulties - Parents' obligation

Third Message: Responsibility of family heads - Life program - The word of the Lord - Cooperation requested by the Lord - You, dear friends of Jesus

Fourth Message: Millions of souls begin to descend to earth - The practice of daily prayers to the Divinity - The flame of faith - A warning to all men and women about the end of this century - An invitation from the Lord - A revealing reality

Fifth Message: Friendly word - Need for daily prayer - Religious teachings - Brazil's influence in humanity's progress - Spiritualization and fraternization

Sixth Message: Over 40 years of age - There is still time - Which way? - The birth control issue - The Western world - Brazil in the next millennium

Seventh Message: Like a flock of sheep - More than a hundred thousand years of evolution -A formula for self-judgment - The Lord's explanation to an aggravating circumstance - Word of elucidation

Eighth Message: Modification of the earth's topography - A new way for well-being - Only one baggage - The Lord's concern - Spiritual assistance

Ninth Message: Reasons for the Lord's coming - The world needs peace - The consequences - The earthly world does not belong to mankind - An appeal from the Lord Jesus - The earth is not anyone's possession

Tenth Message: An invitation to people of good will - Divine service on earth - The real heaven - Caravans of aid - The spiritual planes

Eleventh Message: The spiritual meaning of works performed on earth - All works should contain a soul - Spiritual laws - The traveler and the beast - Need for daily prayer to the Divinity

Twelfth Message: Immense areas turned into fertile fields - Two categories of wandering souls - Ignorance alone is the cause of evil - Spiritual meetings in the homes

Thirteenth Message: Objectives of the New Order - The Lord's admonition - The ripe fruits - Divine Laws' determination - Planetary caravans - Which souls can serve in these caravans?

Fourteenth Message: For a lasting peace - The armed conflicts - The magic key - The Asian conflict - Conflicts in perspective

Fifteenth Message: The Lord's grace - Religious creed and organizations - Neither heaven nor hell - Profession and the religious process

Sixteenth Message: The earth's age - The work has already begun - Safety element - The spiritual works - Premature death

Seventeenth Message: Two important objectives - The Lord's coming - Life's natural obstacles - Contributions to the New Order of Jesus - Preservation of peace

Eighteenth Message: A blessing from the Almighty - Contact with the Lord Jesus - War as salaried work - War is a negative demonstration - Clairvoyance and spiritual audience

Nineteenth Message: The doorway to the twenty-first century - Soul's fuel - An aggravating problem - The Lord's presence on earth - The value of psychography and how to develop it

Twentieth Message: The creation of the New Order - Thirty minutes are sufficient - An important doctrinarian point - Religious departments on earth - The Lord's revelation

Twenty-first Message: Everyone will need the Lord - The storm is coming up - The unexpected may happen - The bad habit of criticizing - Other condemnable habits - A valuable lesson

Twenty-second Message: Thousands of new protecting entities - Ask only for what is fair - The correct way of asking - What is the divine Providence? - Miracles do not exist - Two facts attributed to miracles

Twenty-third Message: A blessing for many souls - No soul will be abandoned on earth - True life - Reason for the Superior Forces' sadness - Limit on the number of reincarnations - The Lord's word

Twenty-fourth Message: The time to speak clearly has arrived - The two sides of earthly life - Incarnate souls' failure - The great truth about prayers - The act of baptism - The Lord's special assistance

Twenty-fifth Message: The Lord talks about the earthly religions - What the above observes in the religious field - Earthly life is just a temporary stage - Same virtues and possibilities as the Lord's - Millions of worlds in formation

Twenty-sixth Message: The earth marches towards a new evolutionary degree - Whole population should turn to prayer - Great volume of spiritual work - Armed conflicts reflect in neighboring planets - The 1940s conflict

Twenty-seventh Message: Modifications foreseen since the 16th century - No reason for alarm - Everyone has already died many times before - The beautiful process of psychography the Lord uses to direct his words to the earthly world

Twenty-eighth Message: Removal of obstacles to human happiness - Accumulated deleterious thoughts - Each human being is a product of his own thoughts - A formula for the destruction of bad thoughts - The Lord's indication

Twenty-ninth Message: Thoughts of discord - Need for everyone to pray for peace - The situation in the Middle East - Spiritual laws are calm and pacific - Elucidation of negative souls of the lower spiritual world

Thirtieth Message: Time marches rapidly - Souls who will remain and souls who will emigrate from the earth - Incarnate souls' main objectives - How to reach longevity - Need for amplification of the respiratory capacity

Thirty-first Message: Thousands of souls return from earth - Earthly homes as a means of souls' reconciliation - The soul's life-letter - Study of spiritual laws - Psychography as a consolation - Two sources of spiritual light

Thirty-second Message: Planet of happy and tranquil life - Thousands of souls removed from earth - Wrongdoers and divine right - Return to world of origin - Why prisons are full - A request from the Lord Jesus

Thirty-third Message: A chief of state departs from earth - Others may follow - Conference in space with leaders of main nations - The Middle East concerns the Lord - Warning to the subversive souls

Thirty-fourth Message: Blackening of the earth's magnetic aura - Accumulation of mental garbage over several centuries - Spiritual laws' action and reaction -Where the incarnate souls' greatest source of light is located - The time has arrived

Thirty-fifth Message: Initiation of the remodeling task - All souls should get prepared - The Lord's words should be read, reread and meditated upon - Attention from those over forty years of age - Materialism means ignorance of spiritual life

Thirty-sixth Message: Substantial modifications in the oceans - Inhospitable regions to be changed into cultivable areas - Modifications in the air and land transportation - Atomic fuel - All souls are capable of sanctification

Thirty-seventh Message: A serious problem becomes solved forever - The remarkable work of spiritual organizations - Ways to ease one's longing for departed souls - The Lord's clarification on confession and communion

Thirty-eighth Message: The Law of Compensation at work in the above - Decrease of the atmospheric pressure - Cremation of human remains as a recommended solution - Cremation adopted centuries ago by the more advanced worlds - The problem of the ashes

Thirty-ninth Message: Celestial engineering active in the earthly subsoil - Empty spaces in the planet's interior - Two or three small oceans will disappear from their present location - Harm caused by alcoholic beverages

Fortieth Message: Spiritual development is limitless - Human beings as the highest level of creation - Benefits from the state of meditation - The Lord helps the souls who call on him - Spiritual redemption

Forty-first Message: Preservation of world peace - The Lord shall take extreme measures to preserve it - Painful incarnations embitter those responsible for past armed conflicts - Ignorance alone leads to war

Forty-second Message: Events necessary for the earthly population's happiness and welfare - Teams of engineers at their posts in the center of the globe - The cause for the periodical earthquakes in the Oriental regions - The planet will undergo changes

Forty-third Message: Life vests of the souls that depart from earth - The need for human solidarity - The Law of Compensation and salaried work - Effect of the workers' vibrations on the company

Forty-fourth Message: Enrichment of the incarnate souls' luminosity - Everyone should turn to the Divinity while it is still possible - The meaning of prayers to the spirit - From six to eight thousand years of earthly life - Call on the Lord

Forty-fifth Message: Objective pursued prior to the Christian era - The life of the spirit and the precious stones - Incarnate souls' development of reasoning - A soul's long trajectory - Objectives of the New Order - Our spiritual tomorrow

Forty-sixth Message: End of century and civilization - All men and women are incarnate spirits - The body is the spirit's vehicle on earth - Spiritual enlightenment is the goal of all souls

Forty-seventh Message: The events in Pakistan - Nothing happens by chance in the universe - Thoughts of solidarity and prayer - Spiritual teams on diverse missions - What will happen was foreseen long ago

Forty-eighth Message: Everything happens for the good of souls - Reform foreseen since some centuries ago - Illustration of the value of prayers - The Lord's presence in the affected areas - Efforts towards the maintenance of peace

Forty-ninth Message: Earthly life is transitory - Death affects the body but never the soul - The current life in relation to the previous - Those who harm with iron, shall be harmed with iron - Kneel down at bedtime and sincerely pray to the Divinity

Fiftieth Message: Numerous relief teams have been organized in the above - Hundreds of thousands of consoling souls - The importance of the Great Crusade of Elucidation - A new civilization descends to earth - The sentiment of religiosity

Fifty-first Message: Pray also for the discarnate souls - Beginning of the movement's execution - It is necessary to keep calm and tranquil - The spiritual world always acts with safety - Everything that happens to us is for our own good

Fifty-second Message: Mutual understanding removes all differences - The entire humanity is constituted of brotherly souls - All leaders depend on the Superior Forces' support to remain in power - Humanity is about three centuries behind

Fifty-third Message: New generations will assume the leadership in order to eliminate wars - Armed conflicts and the divine Providence - The Lord's appeal to the leaders in this end of century - No leader has the right to end his subjects' lives

Fifty-fourth Message: Preparing the earthly soil to better serve the population - Prayer's new meaning - The most proper time - Universal life is a whole of vibrations - Recommendation from the Lord Jesus

Fifty-fifth Message: The Lord's clarifying words - Reincarnation's objective - Need for life's difficulties and stumbles - The souls considered savages - A new teaching from the Lord

Fifty-sixth Message: Incarnate souls' important faculty - The value of psychography - The Lord's presence on earth two thousand years ago - The Lord's hopes in the final decades of the century - The redeemed souls

Fifty-seventh Message: The Lord confirms what has been dictated by his assistants - Souls deserving of pity - Responsible life begins at the age of twenty - The duty of all incarnate souls - Stumbling blocks in the path of non-praying souls - The good-humored souls

Fifty-eighth Message: The Lord's advice and teachings are made of light - Schools lack the spiritual teaching courses that youth need - A request from the Lord - Studying the Bible

Fifty-ninth Message: Three additional billion souls in the next century - Months and years which will become historically important - Need for mental elevation - Illustration concerning the construction of material fortunes

Sixtieth Message: Something which does not depend on the Lord - Incarnate souls' retrieval - Various religious sects will become closer together - Absolutely innocuous precepts - The so-called sacred communion

Sixty-first Message: No man has the authority to wage war - Harsh punishment fell upon past leaders - Biological decontrol and the moral laws - Totally lost incarnations due to misconduct

Sixty-second Message: The Lord's presence in the earthly soil shall bring new technological advances - Wars do not accomplish anything useful for the victors - Only ignorance of spiritual laws can induce leaders to declare war

Sixty-third Message: Souls' accountability upon their return to the spiritual world - Examination of inexcusable bad acts - Incarnations of atonement - Homicide is the greatest of all crimes - Atonement through the same process

Sixty-fourth Message: Intensive courses for moral improvement of faulty souls - A process which attained excellent results - Criminal souls subject to a few centuries in rehabilitation planes - The Lord recommends the study of spiritualism

Sixty-fifth Message: The earth is a moral improvement school - The restructuring of the earth's surface - Army of specialists engaged in the construction of water ducts - Modifications to improve future human life - Subversive souls

Sixty-sixth Message: Incarnate souls' awakening - You may not return to earth so soon - It is necessary for souls to conclude their apprenticeship course - The Lord needs new spiritual guides and protectors - A good example of how a spiritual guide protects his proteges

Sixty-seventh Message: The Lord's task is gigantic - Meetings with the main nations' leaders - No leader hurls his subjects into a war with impunity - Need for meditation to solve state problems

Sixty-eighth Message: Valuable deposits of hidden ore to be given to man - Life is never absolutely tranquil, but filled with struggles which souls need to evolve - A tranquil existence is similar to a lake's water

Sixty-ninth Message: Another great benefit from the Lord's presence on the earthly soil - Thousands of souls are conducted to the above - Hospitalizing stations near the earth - Inconveniences from the use of pork meat - Cleansing of the earthly environment

Seventieth Message: The cause of the Lord's sacrifice at the height of the Calvary - Arduous task performed by the spiritual world during the last twenty centuries - The love doctrine progressed all over, improving the world's image

Seventy-first Message: Relief caravans in action everywhere - Earthquakes caused by natural causes, without the Superior Forces' interference - Reincarnation is a grace from the Divinity - Earthly leaders need to pray and meditate

Seventy-second Message: Tens of generations have already lived on earth - Way to prepare for spiritual life - The creation of the New Order of Jesus - Need to come home straight from work - Acceleration of the spiritual progress

Seventy-third Message: The Lord Jesus has been supervising the preparatory works for centuries - A benefit for the souls affected by the events - Realization of the Divinity is within everyone's reach - How to attain such realization

Seventy-fourth Message: New organization of spiritual assistance to incarnate souls - How praying souls distinguish themselves - Six billion souls will incarnate on earth by the end of the next century - Sensitive transformation in all planets

Seventy-fifth Message: The ongoing events were predicted many decades ago - Many of the affected souls will return to earth before long - Reason for the disincarnation of loved ones - The sense of universal life

The Constitution of the New Order

The New Order of Jesus Inscription Form


What the world needs to hear amid the surrounding darkness are the words of Lord Jesus, which are recorded on these Messages. Due to the fact that a series of changes ought to occur at the end of this century in order to prepare humanity for the next century, his words are designed to awaken everyone and help them in their struggle for spiritual redemption. Even though the Lord allowed enough time for the different religions to awaken and direct souls towards their true spiritual goals, they regrettably have not done it thus far. Observations in the spirit world indicate that only a few incarnate souls have managed to elevate themselves above material concerns or to establish contact with the Lord's heart.

Since time is running out, the Lord Jesus decided to establish a New Order on Earth to help all incarnate souls reach their destiny. He declares to the hearts of all men and women that the establishment of his New Order corresponds to the life-preserver that everyone who is still adrift in this immense sea of disturbance will need. It causes great sorrow to the Lord Jesus to see the same souls that were on Earth some twenty centuries ago, when He came here in human flesh, still chasing material interests. It is because they remain detached from their true spiritual goals that they have had to return to Earth so many times.

However, since they are about to conclude their apprenticeship, thus becoming free from the thick crust that still involves the majority of them, their opportunities will come to an end. It is time then for all humans to take a few moments to communicate daily with the Lord so as to show him that they exist and also where they can be found in the various regions of the world. Having descended to Earth's physical plane in spirit to personally direct his New Order, the Lord Jesus asks all souls to look more closely at their spiritual selves, considering that their physical selves will remain on Earth at the end of their present existence. He informs that each human being is a spirit which occupies a body of flesh in order to be able to stay on Earth, a spirit that will eventually have to return to the spirit world it came from not only this time, but hundreds of times before.

Since life in the flesh is temporary, all men and women should turn their thoughts to the above on a daily basis in order to be able to receive the intuitions and inspirations that are as necessary to the spirit as food is to the body. Given that the purpose of the New Order is to help everyone of goodwill achieve their goals, the Lord Jesus decided to come to Earth in spirit and save those who still remain indifferent to the divine call.

The Lord recommends that incarnate souls establish a principle of fraternization among themselves as if they all were real brothers and sisters, for the true path to spiritual progress is in recognizing, helping and loving one another. When humans begin to consider everyone else as their brothers and sisters, including them in their daily prayers, they will activate a principle of luminosity that will adhere to their spirits. Once such a principle is instilled in their hearts, their fraternal actions and thoughts will make them feel happy, tranquil and blessed. As their souls gain greater spiritual discernment, they will be able to receive the intuitions and inspirations that they need in order to overcome all sorts of obstacles, including those which appear insurmountable.

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