Orthomolecular Diet

The Paleolithic Paradigm
with a Foreword by Barry Sears, Ph.D., author of The Zone

Richard L. Heinrich

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Orthomolecular Diet is a report, an exacting analysis of the conclusions of many researchers. The contents of thirty books are woven into a pattern of fitness and healthy diet. The shibboleths of eating, starch, fat, and cholesterol are explained from many viewpoints.

The central conclusion is the superiority of the Zone Diet of Barry Sears. It is proven by pre-history. Harvard epidemiology approves its food selections, and it is eye-opening to learn the true "Paleolithic diet" and how the Zone Diet of Barry Sears fulfills it.

Diet is half the equation. The other half is fitness. Learn the research on stress and the meshing of aerobics. Fit and fat is healthier than thin and out of shape.

Richard Heinrich recounts his long quest to fit his broad, stocky, mesomorphic body into diet patterns set up by slender ectomorphs who became diet experts partially because they were able to withstand grain diets. They felt good while eating high glycemic foods (starch) in excessive proportion, culminating in the 1992 Pyramid that created the fattest society since the Egyptians four millennia ago.

Mr. Heinrich has lived and has experienced every diet of the past sixty years, starting with the Grapefruit Diet in 1943 and too many calorie-counting, failed diets to mention. Along the way he learned fitness, which permits this writing at age 80.

Says the author:

Barry Sears of Zone Diet fame says in the Foreword that we cannot ignore the genetic makeup and the present negative consequences of our hormonal makeup.

Orthomolecular Diet, which is the author's sixty-year diet odyssey, starts with the diet of Stone Age man, the diet of evolution. The rest of the book explains how 21st-century foods can replicate those of prehistory.

Chapters 2 and 3 provide a training food table with Harvard University epidemiology, thirty-year studies of 130,000 nurses.

Then three powerful chapters define the low sugar, low glycemic approaches to healthy diets. First is Michel Montignac who provided popular knowledge of glycemics, then the 150-year-old Atkins diet, and finally the intense biochemical skills of Barry Sears who truly understands foods and the human hormonal systems and defines precisely the diet patterns of macro nutrients and vitamins to provide us the diet for the 21st century: the hormones insulin and glucagons kept in fine balance by the Zone along with a proper balance between Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats that will give health and a body of pleasing proportion.

The Wind Up chapters provide Orthomolecular details, vitamins, water, stress, aerobics, and tie together Fitness, Fatness and Wellness. Don't expect recipes; do expect to learn and to study and to be able to formulate your own menus and new life's approach.


"Orthomolecular Diet contains a message too often missing these days: good common sense. I'm positive that my father, Linus Pauling, would have approved." Linus Pauling, Jr., M.D.

"Not a 'quick fix' diet book, but a lifelong program for optimal nutrition and natural weight loss. Mr. Heinrich explains why most popular diets don't work - and what does." Julian Whitaker, M.D., editor, Health & Healing

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Preface from Starch Madness (1999)

1. Evolutionary Diet
2. The Training Table
3. Walter Willett & The Harvard Diet
4. Michel Montignac & The Low Glycemic Diet
5. Robert Atkins & The Ketosis Diet
6. Barry Sears & The Zone
7. The Orthomolecular Diet
8. Linus Pauling & The New Nutrition
9. Your Body's Many Cries for Water
10. Hans Selye & Stress
11. Kenneth Cooper & Aerobics
12. Fitness - Fatness - Wellness
13. My Diet Primer
14. A Call to Arms
15. The Windup

Appendix 1: Fat-Cholesterol List
Appendix 2: Optimal Nutrition
Appendix 3: Eating Healthy the Modified Mediterranean Way
Appendix 4: The Zone Cafe


The Zone is a longevity diet. It is now well proven that ingesting less calories, about 20% less than "standard" increases health and extends life span (Walford, 1986, p. 17). Can you enjoy the benefits of calorie restriction without deprivation or hunger? Which diet can do this best? We posit the Zone, because it is proven to control insulin "spikes" that create hunger and prevent body fat from being used as energy. You live very comfortably on the Zone diet for the four hours until the next Zone meal. You don't crave the doughnut break or the cocktail much less the false "energizing" of smoking.

Linus Pauling's 1970 book, Vitamin C, the Common Cold and Flu, has a chapter on orthomolecular medicine and his 1986 book gives full definition (Chapter 8). Barry Sears has proven to us that diet itself, the proportions of protein, carbohydrate, and fat is orthomolecular. His diet provides the ingredients to give us the hormones of well being.

When you study our Chapter Seven and, of course, its authorities, you will be more aware of hormones and their "control" than most diet book writers and most medical people. This is science, it is biochemistry. Must we wait for 25 years or so of statistics?

Dr. Walter Willett and his Harvard Medical School "Guide to Healthy Eating" has provided us inestimable service. His epidemiology has obviated the low fat, high starch diets that have so discolored our lives for the last 50 years. He has proven that the conclusions drawn on so very many of our dictums on cholesterol are inaccurate and ill founded. These studies must be reexamined and new fresh analysis provided.


Does it not make sense that the same knowledge of the Paleolithic diet of man's precursors that provides us healthy lean body mass will also provide healthy hormones. Why should medicines and drugs which can provide temporary control of the Diseases of Civilization be required for depression or mood control. With the orthomolecular diet amiss it is not only body fat that is out of kilter it is also the mind and well being.

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