Peace Within

Mary's Messages for a Balanced Life

Darlene Weinhold

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ISBN: 1-57733-093-5, 176 pp., 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $14.95

If we are eternal beings, living in a physical body for a short time, what is our purpose here? To heal our weaknesses and to help our fellow man.

Mary, the Mother of God, has been making frequent appearances all over the world, and she has been using messengers to send her tidings of love and grace to all. Mary is communicating with us now because the hearts of mankind are awakening. This book contains messages that will open your heart and help guide you to the next level of your spiritual growth.

Table of Contents


Part I: My Love I Give to You
1. Opening the Heart
2. Look Within
3. Finding Meaning in Suffering
4. A Port in the Storm
5. Walk Through the Fire

Part II: The Joy of Seeking God's Face
6. A Time to Contemplate
7. Your Higher Mission
8. The Eternal Spirit
9. Making It Through
10. Life As a Prayer

Part III: My Peace Is with You
11. The Other Side
12. The Mother's Prayer
13. On Healing Fear
14. The Way You Are to Go
15. The Light Within

Part IV: The Light from Prayer
16. The Power of Thought
17. Returning to God
18. Nourishment for the Spirit
19. The Courage to Prevail
20. The Path of Life

Part V: Finding the Center
21. Finding Comfort
22. The Call to Prayer
23. Faith of Your Fathers
24. Bringing Light to Each Day
25. The Truth of Your Being

Part VI: Learning More of God
26. Understanding Grace
27. Heart to Heart
28. Your Destiny Path
29. The Nature of Inspiration
30. Our Father's World

A Morning Prayer
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About the Author


The past fifty years has been a cycle of time in which the world has changed at an extremely rapid pace. Parallel to those changes has been the tremendous growth in spiritual consciousness. This is Mary, the Mother.

The turmoil, devastation and resulting hard work are not wasted. People have gained. The changes people have undergone have made them willing to open their hearts and minds. In the centuries before, there was a denial of the Mother of God. People could not understand the principles of life or the meaning of existence.

With the increase in spiritual awareness in the past fifteen years, people are now more willing to end the mistakes. The world has become less self-centered and rigid in its thinking. As people seek information, I, the Mother, will do more to make my presence known.

A chain of events is coming. People have tended to place a "doom and gloom" slant on the events. There has been some turmoil and some will continue. This devastation has a purpose: to cleanse the earth. The floods, earthquakes, droughts, and hurricanes relieve the world of karmic conditions. Hardships cause people to awaken, to get their hearts right with God.

The prediction of geological disasters is not to be a cause for fear. Now the flow is different. Some of the disasters have been "washed over." Some upsets will be underway, but others were alleviated or resolved entirely because of the great prayer on earth.

Mankind began to think it had all the answers and that those answers all come out of a test tube. The answer is love, the message that has been brought to earth by the spiritual leaders sent by God throughout the centuries.

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