A Planetary Awakening

Reflections on the Teachings of the Tibetan in the Works of Alice A. Bailey

Kathy Newburn

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ISBN: 978-1-57733-217-6, 196 pp., 6 x 9, paperback, $17.95

Key points from the Ageless Wisdom teachings of the Tibetan provide insight into the challenges and opportunities of our time

As we witness the events unfolding on our planet, we know the future stands in the balance. We are entering a time long foretold in the prophetic writings of the world, when great events are due to occur and enlightened teachers will again come forward. Humanity is fast approaching the threshold of a great spiritual and cultural transformation - unprecedented in the history of life on Earth.

Much of this book is a consideration of a teaching that has come to be known as the Ageless Wisdom, embodying ancient principles that have been passed down to us in oral, symbolic and written form. Among its manifold values, this teaching can guide us to an understanding of the subjective factors underlying outer events. It also provides a safe and scientific method of spiritual training that will continue to stand the test of time.

Comments by Reviewers

"From my perspective as a life-long student of the Ageless Wisdom, I think Kathy Newburn provides a clear and easily understandable exposition of the often complicated and complex wisdom that has been given to humanity in the form of what the Tibetan Teacher Himself has termed the 'intermediate' teachings of the Ageless Wisdom - the first 'preparatory' teachings having been given out in the two tomes brought forth by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky in the late 1800s under the titles of Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine. In A Planetary Awakening Kathy Newburn provides a significant glimpse into the forces and energies that underlie the happenings of the times. She easily accomplishes her goal of providing the interested reader with 'a deeper understanding of what is occurring in the world today,' while providing an opportunity for the reader to mindfully and consciously participate in the global consciousness shift at this time of the dawning Age of Aquarius." Ida Urso, Ph.D., Founder/President, Aquarian Age Community

"Newburn's remarkable presentation on the Bailey books makes these teachings easily approachable. Her deep knowledge of esotericism and her ability to structure the presentation cogently give this volume its unique clarity. It's a must-read for anyone looking to become familiar with esoteric teachings." Andrew Binstock

"This book is for the 'new generation' of traveler as well as the experienced one. We all need a guide on our spiritual journey at one time or another. Kathy Newburn is that guide in A Planetary Awakening..." Rose Cirigliano, playwright, "Where Do I Go From Agropoli?"

"At last, a much-needed, much-awaited book incorporating the Ageless Wisdom philosophy with practical guidance and solutions to the difficult problems of our own time. Our seemingly chaotic world has meaning and purpose beyond our wildest imagining, and this book explains what we need to know and to do in order to align our thoughts and actions to create a new world civilization based on right relationship with all life." Barbara Anniballi

"A Planetary Awakening is a book for the new millennium. It offers clarification and understanding of the present crises facing humanity and our planet and the opportunities these provide to those who seek a closer relationship with the soul and what lies beyond. In a readable, conversational style, Kathy Newburn skillfully presents the timeless insights of the Ancient Wisdom teachings and the way by which we can fulfill our destiny of serving the underlying purpose and plan for humanity. This book is essential reading for all those who strive to respond to the note of truth within the heart and mind and to expand the consciousness by reaching out towards a higher reality." Belinda Baird, teacher, Wellington, New Zealand

"A Planetary Awakening is a book whose time has come. It contains a wealth of information that addresses how we can create the changes that need to occur before we - humanity - can move forward into greater light. Written by Kathy Newburn, who has deep insight into problems of our time, it answers many questions and provides a guide to creating a new, much-needed paradigm." Iris Spellings, Fine art photographer

"This is a much needed book as it clearly explains who we are and what our destiny is. A golden destiny, in truth, once we are able to unveil the clouds surrounding us and look face-to-face at our true Self." Joaquin Tamames, investment banker, Madrid, Spain

"I have known Kathy Newburn for over twenty years. We have worked together as part of a group both on physical plane projects and on more subjective levels. Our main purpose has always been to help think through and anchor the ideas so essential for humanity as a whole to choose a sane path into the future. These ideas concern the spiritual responsibilities of humanity - the need to cultivate goodwill, the need to care for our planet the earth, the need to replace selfishness with altruism, and finally the challenge to understand and help unfold the spiritual destiny of humanity.

"Kathy's initiative in writing this book is a part of this process. I am sure that its value will be recognized and that it will fulfill its role in awakening more people to the urgency and opportunity of our present time." Simon Marlow, pianist, England

Table of Contents




The Aquarian Age
The Earth: A Living Organism
Humanity: The Forerunners
The Emerging Avatars
Masculine and Feminine Polarities


The Founding of the Hierarchy on Earth
Messengers of the Light


The Law of Rebirth
Death: The Great Liberation


The Rays Defined
The Seven Ray Types


The Planetary Condition of Glamour
Types of Glamour


The Rays and The World


Towards a Sustainable World
Money for Spiritual Work



The Path of Meditation
Manifesting the Vision: The Path of Service
The Great Invocation


An Open Door
The Wesak Festival and the Christ’s Festival




Introductory Thoughts
The Five Initiations



The Emergence of the Teachers
The Return of the World Teacher
The Release of the Energy of Love

APPENDIX: Spiritual Practices




Much of the material in this book is adapted from the writings of Alice Bailey. Her work spanned twenty-four volumes, nineteen of which were written in cooperation with Djwhal Khul, a Tibetan teacher, between the years 1919 and 1949. She served as an amanuensis through whom "the Tibetan's" ideas were filtered and put into written form. And although there was no physical contact between them during their thirty-year association, their minds became increasingly attuned to each other through the work that they undertook.

Because a large part of the information contained within the Bailey books is not amenable to verification, a determination as to its truth or falsity is left up to the reader. As the Tibetan wrote of himself and his work,

Suffice it to say, that I am a Tibetan disciple of a certain degree, and this tells you but little, for all are disciples from the humblest aspirant up to, and beyond, the Christ Himself. I live in a physical body like other men, on the borders of Tibet, and at times (from the exoteric stand point) preside over a large group of Tibetan lamas, when my other duties permit....

I am a brother of yours, who has traveled a little longer upon the Path than has the average student, and has therefore incurred greater responsibilities. I am one who has wrestled and fought his way into a greater measure of light than has the aspirant who will read this article, and I must therefore act as a transmitter of the light, no matter what the cost.

The books that I have written are sent out with no claim for their acceptance. They may, or may not, be correct, true and useful. It is for you to ascertain their truth by right practice and by the exercise of the intuition.

The Tibetan and Alice Bailey understood fully that the ideas contained within these teachings were merely one part of a continually unfolding revelation of spiritual truth. They asked their readers to keep this in mind constantly so as to prevent the crystallization of the work into yet one more dogmatic sectarian cult. Alice Bailey frequently asserted that the teaching she was aiding in producing contained merely the ABCs of the Tibetan's knowledge and that she would gladly abandon it in the future if she came upon a deeper manifestation of truth.

The Tibetan had many different responsibilities, including those of a high lama. He is part of an unseen band of enlightened beings of compassion and wisdom who work behind the scenes to guide and protect humanity. They have been known by various names in the different wisdom traditions of the world, including the White Brotherhood, the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Society of Organized Minds and the Masters of the Wisdom. The Tibetan is said to be one of the most learned of all the teachers and it is part of his responsibility to bring forth this wisdom wherever he finds a response.

The ideas and concepts that comprise the Bailey books, therefore, emanate from a level of consciousness that transcends that of an ordinary individual. The teaching forms part of a body of work that has come to be known as the Ageless Wisdom, ancient principles that have been passed down through the ages and kept alive in oral, written, and symbolic form. While this teaching is old, it possesses a nature and depth that can meet the needs of each new generation of seekers.

The bulk of this book is an attempt to present a small portion of that material as it relates specifically to the present crises and opportunities unfolding upon our planet. The value of this teaching lies in the fact that it helps us to understand the subjective factors underlying these outer events as well as providing a systematic method of spiritual training that is safe and has stood the test of time. This is an important consideration because safeguards are essential on the path of spiritual development as we are brought into contact with fiery energies that can wreak havoc in our lives if necessary precautions are not undertaken. Caution and discrimination are necessary in the present spiritual marketplace.

This book could, perhaps, best be described as an introduction to the original writings in the light of the changing conditions in the world today. It includes a distillation of my understanding that has evolved over the course of many years of study and life experience. Hopefully the inclusion of my personal views will not distort the fundamental points of the Ageless Wisdom teachings that have inspired them. I have attempted to present these ideas in a style and language that might serve the needs of a new generation who can, in turn, bring this message to the world. Perhaps one of the reasons why the young have not demonstrated much interest in the Ageless Wisdom teachings is because we have not understood the importance of adapting our message to a form they would find appealing. This introduction only touches the surface of ideas contained within the original writings and it is my sincere hope that the reader will be encouraged to study them. I have attempted, wherever possible, to reference the original text and any omissions upon my part are by no means an attempt to "claim" this teaching as my own.

This teaching contains ideas that many people will consider outside the realm of possibility and they will reject them out of hand. Others will question why we should consider things that we cannot prove. But there are also others whose minds and hearts are seeking a deeper understanding of what is occurring in the world today. This book is for them.

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