The Power to Enlighten Now

Susan Kerr

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ISBN: 978-1-57733-222-0, 84 pp., 5.5 x 8.5, paperback, $13.00

The mystery of enlightenment has eluded scholars for centuries. In this concise book, Susan Kerr breaks through the illusion and confusion to bring to light the underlying secrets of this ancient knowledge. In a clear and concise manner she explains:

Her ideas are based on her own experiences. She makes the process seem simple and shows that enlightenment is not just a goal for gurus and monks, but for anyone interested in self-realization--that is, experiencing the fullness of who we really are.

Enlightenment was once described by a Tibetan lama as "a new way of looking at everything." This new view, however, involves clearing and liberating the encapsulated power held in one's emotions over our lifetime. Ms. Kerr suggests that the quickest path to "enlightenment" is through our feelings--the direct, raw experience as felt in the very moment of occurrence--before thoughts get in the way. These feelings still hold the power of the initial experience--whether painful, traumatic, or even joyful--and in liberating them, we clear our souls to see and feel in new ways. In her words, "Enlightenment is all about love, and love can only be felt. Therefore, the only way to know enlightenment is to feel it!"


"This clear little book contains the essence of what the Masters have been sharing for centuries--but only those who are brave enough to face themselves in the mirror, and experience themselves fully, will discover the 'prize' we all have inside us." David Hay, M.D., retired

"I first read this book three years ago, before it was published. The author is so direct and correct, so clear, personal, honest and truthful, that her message actually released in me the power she describes--and it's something I'm feeling every 'now'." Paul M. Clemens, publisher

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Enlightenment—What is it?
An explanation of enlightenment • My experience with enlightenment • The difference between enlightenment, Christing yourself and ascension
Being a Christ

Chapter 2: The Power of Feeling
Feeling your emotions clears the soul and is a major step to enlightenment • The importance of emotions • The connection between emotion and energy • The Buddha body • Five steps in incorporating emotions into your daily life

Chapter 3: The Power of Meditation
Meditation prepares the body and the brain to accept the higher energies of enlightenment • My experiences meditating • Transcendental meditation and what it does • The ins and outs of meditating • The different brain states achieved in meditation • How to meditate • Pranayama, the importance of breath in meditation and how to do it • What to expect
How to Meditate

Chapter 4: The Power of Attitude
The definition of attitude and its importance to enlightenment • The power of the four Ds: Desire, Devotion, Determination, Diligence • The power of attention and intention
The Power of the Four “D”s
The Power of Attention and Intention

Chapter 5: The Power of Thought
Thought has the power to stop the enlightenment process • Getting clear with thoughts about God • An explanation on the different dimensions

Chapter 6: The Power of Now
What exactly “now” means in terms of enlightenment • The power of expectation

Chapter 7: Power
The definition of power in terms of enlightenment • Six steps that will give you power

Chapter 8: What to Expect
Emotional highs and lows during the journey • Developing your Buddha body • Increases in energy • Breathing changes • Sex and kundalini • What to expect after you enlighten


Ask someone what enlightenment is, and they probably couldn’t tell you. Nobody really seems to know. There are hundreds of books written about it, books with different points of view written by gurus with Eastern names to gurus with Jewish names. Answers are vague; ideas too difficult or ineffectual to follow. Nobody really seems to understand it. Yet everybody has an opinion. It’s like trying to find the perfect diet—South Beach, Atkins, or Weight Watchers? Who really knows?

And try to become enlightened! It’s no different. There are many suggestions on how to go about it. Some claim you must exist in the now, live a certain way, be a certain way. Some infer that you need to live in an ashram, study with a guru. Some claim to have done it by talking directly to God, or just through reading and studying books, like ancient Tibetan or Vedic scripts, the Bible, or the Kabbalah.

There is so much confusion. Do you really need a teacher? Or can you do it alone? Can you do it while slinging hamburgers at McDonalds, or spending an afternoon playing golf? And speaking of golf, why are there so many books written about golf and enlightenment? Is there some secret method to swinging a club we don’t know about? And if golf is the secret weapon to finding bliss, how come Tiger Woods walks into the water to hit his golf ball instead of walking on it?

And then, when you finally do become enlightened, does having the ability to levitate really have anything to do with it? Does being enlightened mean you’ll walk on water, or turn water to wine? What are the signs? How do you know when you’ve become enlightened? There were many enlightened people, gurus like Muktananda, and Yogananda, Rajneesh. They didn’t walk on water. Does this mean they were lying to us, that they weren’t enlightened? Is there some physical change in the body that occurs? Is it something you can see? Or maybe it’s more invisible, like something that you can’t see?

In this book I’m going to answer those questions and hopefully clear the confusion. I’m going to explain exactly what enlightenment is, and I’m going to give you some simple steps on how to attain it. I’m going to give you the power to enlighten now!

So who am I to do this? I’m no yogi, Kabbalist, priest or student of ancient Tibetan manuscripts. I’m just your average, American woman with a husband and a family. But I had a strong, spiritual inclination to know God. And in 1995, I experienced enlightenment.

I attained enlightenment in one lifetime. Monks will tell you that it takes lifetimes of meditating and living the spiritual life to attain enlightenment—that only when the soul is ready, will you be ready. But I did it in seven years. Through my years of study, I learned the secrets that make it possible to enlighten in only one lifetime. And in this book, I am going to share those secrets with you.

The day I experienced enlightenment, I was so surprised. The first thing I said to myself was, “This must be some mistake!” It was not what I expected. After all, I did read many books, and once joined an ashram. I filled myself with so much misinformation, that when it finally did happen, I didn’t even recognize it. The experience was so mind blowing, I immediately went into denial. It took me two days to even think about it and a year to finally come to terms with it. Of course through my reading, there was much allusion to it. In every major spiritual text there were hints, all colored with flowery words and allegories. But no one just came out and explained it simply. Through all the centuries, why didn’t someone just come out and tell it like it is?

Okay, so it is about the journey, and everyone’s journey is unique. No two ways to becoming enlightened will be the same. It’s like dieting. Not every method will work for everyone. But losing weight is losing weight. I will tell you this: the journey might be different, but the end result is the same. Enlightenment will feel the same for everyone.

This is going to be the book that explains it simply. I’m going to share my secrets and tell you what I learned. I’m going to get real and maybe even controversial, but I’m going to tell you the undiluted truth. I’m going to give you the power to enlighten in this lifetime. Yes, becoming enlightened is a soul issue, and only when your soul is ready will you be ready. But with the accelerated energies available to us right now, coupled with the fact that you found this book, means only one thing—you’re ready.

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 2010

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