Raise Your Vibration with Nutrition and Fasting

Nogah Lord

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ISBN: 978-0-931892-68-4, 82 pp., 5.5 x 8.5, paperback, $13.00

Nogah, a professional dancer, began to experience altered states of consciousness while performing. Functioning in a different reality in an altered time frame, she began a lifelong study of attitudes and actions which increase personal energy.

She offers basic insights into right nutrition, the benefits and obstacles of becoming a vegetarian, fasting for health, conscious breathing, relaxation exercises, and ten affirmations for perfect health. You can raise your vibration by:


"If attaining enlightenment and perfect health have been too complicated for you, check out this book. This compact powerhouse outlines no nonsense strategies - dos and don'ts - for increasing your energy and vibratory levels." Carol Wright, NAPRA Trade Journal

"The author, a professional dancer, experienced a revelation that the divine exists in everyone. Since then (1964) she has been engaged in a lifelong study of the attitudes and actions that promote personal energy and better health. Based entirely on insights Lord has gleaned from her own life, this volume offers advice on nutrition, the benefits and obstacles of becoming a vegetarian, fasting, conscious breathing, relaxation exercises, and more." Bookpaper

Table of Contents

Understanding Ourselves
Acquiring Energy
How I Raised My Vibration
Right Nutrition
Benefits of Becoming a Vegetarian
Obstacles on the Way
Fasting for Health
Conscious Breathing
A Relaxation Exercise
Five Great Exercises
Perfect Health
Ten Commandments for Perfect Health
Books of Interest


To raise your vibration you need energy. But most of the energy you receive is spent solely in maintaining your physical body. So you need to start learning how to conserve what you have and how to create more.

Energy comes via food, sleep, and performance of one’s duty. And there are laws which govern these functions.

Nourishment should be derived from real, fresh, uncontaminated foods. The right amount should be consumed in the right way, and at the right time of day. Sleep should also occur at the right time, in the right way and in the right amount.

Performing your duties means fulfilling your obligations—first toward yourself, then toward your family, your country, your world and your Creator.

Performing your duties means living according to right and true principles, living according to your conscience, doing what you think is right and not doing what you think is wrong.

Living a disciplined life and going against your automatic, mechanical behavior provides tremendous energy that you cannot receive otherwise.

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 1991

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