These Revelations from God Are of Historic Consequence, and Great Importance for Statesmen, and Leaders, and for the Enlightenment of All Nations.

Section One: Revelations from the book, God Tells New Things to Doris
(Blue Dolphin Publishing, Inc., 2002 - US $14.95, ISBN-1-57733-119-2)

1 - Page 48 - Excerpts
2 - Excerpts - Chapter 42
3 - Excerpts - Chapter 43

These excerpts challenge all mankind to avoid the catastrophe of World War towards which the world is drifting. The Institutions of Peace having been deliberately maligned, and other nations and races vilified, condemned and finally subject to unprovoked aggression causing - according to the Pentagon spokesman - 28,000 bombs and missiles to fall upon a long-suffering civilization and it's God-fearing population within that country. This situation is further aggravated by the decision of three long-established nations who have been considered as great peace-makers to participate in this unprovoked folly, namely the United States of America, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the Commonwealth of Australia. Nations and their leaders, such as Germany, France, Canada and New Zealand, long opposed to unprovoked aggression, have also been vilified along with the United Nations.

The revelation from God on page 48 dates from April 17th, 2001, long before the crisis developing today. It nevertheless warns of an ecological disaster - which is now in the making - of an unparalleled magnitude. The last revelation of Section Two indicates that the forces of darkness are spreading across the Earth. It is now of paramount importance that leaders of the rogue nations of the USA, UK and Australia repent of their wayward actions and return to the great and good challenge of peace-making.

Section Two: Revelations from God as dated:

1 - March 18th, 2003, France, Germany, Russia Stand for Peace
2 - February 18th, 2003, God's Mantle Falls on President Chirac
3 - July 24th, 2003, The Way Out for World Restoration

A long-established, complacent Christian Civilization drifted into WW1 in 1914. In the 1930s a complacent world again fell into WW2, noting that the League of Nations was both ineffective and unnecessary. President Truman was determined that it would never happen again. Fifty years later, the drumbeat of war, of revenge is heard. The industrial-military alliance of which President Eisenhower warned, threatens us all, for in WW3 there will be no winners - only an ecological disaster, embracing also an economic calamity that will shatter nations. These revelations will save your grandchildren, and your nation and people from it. We have a common duty, to God, our nation and people to become peacemakers once again.

So help us God. (c) Dennis F. Orme

Let the Spirit of Freedom Ring and the Spirit of Righteousness
Bring God's Blessing Again Upon Our People.

Page 48 - Excerpts
God Is Learning from His Creation

[In preparing this book each day, after prayer I have asked Our Heavenly Father for guidance as to which revelations are to be included and the order there in. Sometimes He wants a major revision or intrusion to cope with new circumstances. Today's date is April 17, 2001, it is ten am in the morning eastern time. Almost six years since the original revelation that I was working on - This is what God said He wanted inserted.]

I intervened and stopped Hitler through the nations who stood for righteousness and a great catastrophe was prevented. If I had not determined to stop this madness, very few people would have been left on the earth. This I will not let happen. The judgement I bring is for all of your spiritual and physical good. This is the most serious time in the history of all mankind for an ecological disaster of an unparalleled magnitude awaits all mankind if major nations and races choose war.

What I am offering mankind is total and complete freedom and happiness. My love will dominate this entire Universe and mankind will at long last know the meaning of life, centered on My Divine Love....

Love the world. The people who are more difficult to love I want you to love even more - to love your enemies. After all once you love everyone you will have no enemies and that will be very good. Go forward with a heart of love. Do not worry for all things are in My hands, and I will look at all things from a heart of love. Whatever My will is, will be done.

The world is in dire need of love....

* * * * * * *

From God Tells New Things to Doris, Blue Dolphin Publishing, Inc,. 2002
ISBN 1-57733-119-2 -

Excerpts - Chapter 42
The New Jerusalem - God's Final Truimph

Revelation from God. April 9th, 2002, After Evening Prayer - Florida

Excerpts - Page 205

If it is necessary, I will move My hand but in a way that man will never forget and he will then humble himself before Me, and before My Creation that he has just misused, over and over, and over again. He wants to bomb and destroy not only the bodies of those whom I have created, but he wants to destroy the very earth and the very essence within the earth. Do you think the earth will stand still under the bombardment of this? The earth itself will rebel against man and many will have to go into the spirit world prematurely. But if this is the only way, then man will have chosen that way, not I. It is not I that want war. I am a God of peace. I am a God that wants to see laughter between brother and brother, sister and sister. I do not want to see people argue and fight and destroy one another internally and externally. I am not a butcher. I'm a creator. I am not a destroyer. I give life based upon My eternal love for you all.

Page 206

There is one thing that I detest. What I detest is to see brother stand against brother, destroying one another internally and externally....

The conditions that have been set, have been set through much blood, much sweat, and many tears in order for this hour to be here, when I can walk and talk to you directly now upon the earth. I am taking My dominion over the earth. I will not allow this whole world to be destroyed by the insanity of man. People who seek war are insane as far as I see them. They have never learned to open their heart to Me or to others. People who enjoy war, enjoy talking of war have nothing to do with My heart....

No one should covet this world and think they can possess it and make it just their own, excluding their brothers and sisters from where they are, thinking in superiority terms that they are better than others. You will see My hand move soon. Those hours are coming very shortly now when I will move, and you will see it, and you will know it is Me. You will know beyond a shadow of a doubt. I will never tolerate, never ever tolerate this kind of attitude of wanting to make war against each other. I can never except that as part of My kingdom. It must be obliterated completely from the minds and hearts of men and women on this earth.

* * * * * * *

From God Tells New Things to Doris, Blue Dolphin Publishing, Inc,. 2002
ISBN 1-57733-119-2 -

Excerpts - Chapter 43
God Created America to Lead in Completing

Revelation from God. July 18th, 2002, After Morning Prayer - Florida.

Excerpts - Page 212

I worked to inspire thousands of people from this nation to bring about changes in the world based on the goodness of their hearts. When I look at many people who are leading in all fields of endeavor in America, I am very saddened in My heart at what I see. I often do not see people with compassionate hearts. I see people who would like to sacrifice the world to keep America on top. How much do you think this hurts Me? Is this the answer? Killing your brother to control this world, and then bringing it to Me beaten, and blind and deaf and dumb? Do you think that will help this world to become a better world in which your children will feel at home wherever they go? Have you learned nothing from what I have been telling you for thousands of years, through many many people who have lived before you on this earth? If you have only learned to try to destroy through instruments of destruction? You have learned nothing.

Page 213

This nation was grounded and founded by men and women who loved Me first. When they left Europe at My command, they came in their little ships and they gave their lives to build a nation. "In God we trust," they said to Me. They promised Me, and they lived up to their promise, and many many others followed in that way. That is what made America great - nothing else. I tell you, love thy neighbor as thyself, and all nations are your neighbor. Never forget it. I speak to you now and I warn you - if you lift up the sword you will die by the sword. You are not listening to My words. The words I have spoken through the mouth of My son - Jesus. You call My Jesus - God. Well if you think he is God why don't you listen to him? You give him all the responsibility upon his shoulders. You say you are born again through him. Then listen to him. What does it say in the scripture? What did Jesus tell you? He told you, that you must be in My image and My likeness. If you think Jesus is God what was he like? Did he not lay down his life? Did he not ask Me to forgive you at his death? Did he take up the sword to defend himself? What did he do when Peter wanted to defend him in the garden? Do you not know? He said to Peter, "Put your sword away, those who live by the sword die by the sword." Have you so little understanding of what happened then? How Jesus forgave his murderers? You talk as if you know everything about Me. You get up in your pulpits and you say "People should be like Me." Those are the words you speak to the people. When you see terrible things happening in this nation do you think you have the right to say to Me, "Bless us for we are a Godly nation that walks hand in hand with Me." You think you are the most powerful nation on earth and flaunt this idea to all other nations. Your power can diminish in one minute if you continue on with this attitude of arrogance. The meek shall inherit My earth not the proud. In order to become a nation centered upon Me - who is your Father and Mother you must become a humble person - humble people. You must become loving - Love thy neighbor as thyself. Do you not know that the world is your neighbor, and you must love the world. You must feel that you want the world to love you, and you want to love the [Page 214] world with all your heart soul and mind. You must be a loving people to all nations, and you must look for solutions not from your own ideas, but from Me your Father and Mother. You must be peacemakers and help your brothers and sisters all over the world....

Please listen to My voice. I love you all, with all My Heart. I want this nation to live on throughout eternity, so that all people will say some day - "This nation led the way for the kingdom of heaven to be established on earth because the people loved Me with all their hearts and they listened to My words. They loved their neighbor as themselves...."

Page 215

Please listen to My words and change your ways and become a Godly nation - My nation, My America. [Many tears came from God as He spoke.] It was My idea that you were created not yours - I planted My ideas in the puritan's minds - the pilgrims to come to America to make it the land of the free and the brave. The land that loved everyone, the land that never took up the sword except only in defense of themselves and others. Remember this. Please open your heart to the world.

Page 216

You are seeing the final judgment now. The breaking down of industry. I have already told you, Doris. Have I not, that this would come? It has to come. The leaders in industry and all other leaders cannot continue to take the bread out of the mouths of the people, who gave them the bread in their own mouths in the first place. If you do such a thing, this whole nation will collapse very quickly as Rome collapsed many years ago. Wake up. Wake up! I am here. I am upon the Earth, I am walking and talking to all of you, My beloved children, in this hour. You must not betray your nation and those who have gone before you and those who are looking to you from all over the world. America must be a Godly nation, and those who lead it must be fathers and mothers who love Me and My world, before they love even America, and most of all even before they love themselves.

Remember the words that were spoken so long ago concerning Me. God so loved the world first - even before the son. You must always remember that. You are all to be sons and daughters of Me. My sons and daughters who love the world, not only this world but the whole of the Cosmos which I created. I am God and I will live forever. Please never forget that. The decision whether this nation lives or dies is in your hands. Let them be hands of deepest love for the entire world. Never close the door on anyone.

* * * * * * *

From God Tells New Things to Doris, Blue Dolphin Publishing, Inc,. 2002
ISBN 1-57733-119-2 -

France, Germany, Russia Stand for Peace

Revelation from God. March 18th, 2003 - Florida

You have to understand that the entire world is under judgment now. Every single nation will come to the point where they must make the decision - Will they follow Me or will they follow Satan? Satan can only bring them nothing but more misery, and more pain, and more sorrow in their lives. It is I, and I alone, that can bring them joy and happiness and peace. The hour will come when they will all realize this.

Fortunately there are nations that have realized it already. There are leaders such as Jacques Chirac, Gerhard Schroder and Vladimir Putin and many others who are realizing this, that the only pathway they must seek to follow is the pathway that I have set before them, which is the "Pathway of Peace." Those who stand for war and live by the sword unfortunately will die by the sword, but those people in the nation of America and other nations who have stood with Me for peace, every single one of them, as well as people throughout the world, who have cried out for peace will be blessed eternally by Me. I will change this world and turn it upside down and right side up, so that all people will realize at long last why they live and will find peace in their hearts. Let not your hearts be troubled. All the evil must be shown and you are now seeing it. You are seeing the separation between good and evil taking place here in this nation [USA], and in the nation of England and all other nations. Those who can love and bring forth happiness and joy to others, will find peace in this time, no matter what transpires. Please, My People, lean on Me as Jesus leaned on Me in the wilderness. When he had no food to eat, he called on Me and I came to his side and gave him the words to speak and be victorious over Satan. "Thou shalt not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God."

If Adam and Eve had listened to My words and not listened to Satan. This world would not be in the state it is today. Yes, Jesus leaned on Me, and through every temptation Satan offered him, he stood steadfast....

It was I who gave Jacque Chirac the power he needed, and the faith and strength he needed to stand in this hour. Those in the eternal world from France are helping him and also those colleagues who are with him. It was I who told him to stand for peace and he listened to Me. That will be to his merit. It is the same with Gerhard Schroder, and the same with Vladimir Putin. I love them all.

It was I who made Kofi Annan the Secretary-General of the United Nations. From a little boy there was not a day I was not with him. He has suffered so much through so many people whose mouths have hurt him, much more than if they had beaten him physically. He has a child like heart and a very forgiving nature. He has the "Dignity of Heaven." He is so much like the great men of old who stood in the face of death, but never cursed anyone. He kept his love for Me and all others uppermost in his heart. Truly he is My son. My blessed Ebony Son whom I love very dearly. To take a position to unite all the nations together is not an easy task, and My love will always be with him for he has made such a great condition of love, not with a nasty mouth trying to hurt people, but trying instead to show the doorway in which mankind can find peace at last. I have shown him My heart and he has comforted Me by his very presence in the United Nations. I love all those men and women of peace who came together to try and find solutions and I hope there can still be a possibility for peace in Iraq. You know often the last moment may be the most glorious and can bring peace. Don't ever forget even if this most terrible crime takes place on earth, this terrible war, I will not stop completing My Kingdom which is already here.

You may wonder why I say that? Look about you. How many millions of people have shouted out, "Peace! Peace! Peace everywhere throughout the world." That is My Kingdom speaking, My kingdom of heaven which is in My people all over the world. They are My children of righteousness. They are My people and I love them with all My heart. Tell them not to be discouraged for they will see the Kingdom. It will come even more rapidly, and I will release upon the Earth My love in such a force that mankind will realize at long last, that I am a Living God, and they will find a new life within them. Let not your hearts be troubled Ye that believe in Me. I am here amongst you and I will, as I have told you many times - never leave you. You can be assured of that. My Kingdom has come.

The Mantle of God Falls on President Jacque Chirac

Revelation from God. February 18th, 2003, After Morning Prayer - Florida

Just after 11 AM at the end of our study, Heavenly Father began to speak with great severity:

He warned us about being totally centered upon His will and purpose for we are moving into an absolutely critical period. That the many revelations we had previously were of great significance.

He explained about this critical moment and how the mantle has fallen on President Chirac. That Jesus and the great Saints including Joan of Arc were with President Chirac....

These are critical days and there are millions of lives at stake, so you must be very alert and seek Me in every situation. Most people rely upon Satan for their opinions. Keep close to Me every day and all day. He explained how Satan knew that this was his end but that so many people still pulled upon him.

He asked us to be prayerful in this time and to pray for President Chirac as he will be targeted by those who want war. At the end when Doris expressed her thanks, God said, "Doing My Will is thanks enough."

USA/UK Position. The Way Out for World Restoration.

Revelation from God. July 24th, 2003 - Florida

This is the most serious moment for all mankind throughout the entire world. As you know, I have told you many times, that My judgments are righteous and just, and they are now here on all mankind. This is the moment that I have waited for, for so many thousands of years, and I have cried, and cried, and cried over this situation that has taken place recently here in America[USA]. You have asked Me many times over, what is My will concerning what I have told you after the election. I asked you to listen to My words very seriously after Mr. Bush became in a leading position here in America. I hesitate to even say he became President, because in My eyes he has never been the President of the United States. He has been a thief. I told you this before - you have a thief in the White House - Barabbas, and blood would flow in America and around the world, because of this deed. You know, as well as I know, that the election was not an election that was honest. There were many things that went wrong, deliberately went wrong, because people interfered with the rules, here in Florida and caused the election to go in the way it went.

Well, you see, don't you, before your very eyes that My words have come true. Have they not? Are you blind that you do not see? That is exactly what has happened. And I told you again that those who live by the sword shall die by the sword. If you decide to fight in a country you never were supposed to go in to in the first place, because you have no business to be there, and to take that kind of an upper hand over that nation. I did not designate for mankind to do such a terrible thing to those people. They had no where to go. Those who lived in Baghdad had no where to hide. I wonder if, the people who decided that, would like to experience that in this nation of America. I am sure they would not. So what I saw before Me is an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

The things that happened here in America - 9/11 - happened because of man not being right again with Me and lying and doing things they should never do here in this nation and you know all the story - I don't have to go into it with you. I don't have to tell you all about it, because you already know it . What I am saying to you, Dennis and Doris in this hour is, that you must be aware completely of what has happened; and not waiver on that point at all, and recognize that you must be completely clear minded in understanding exactly what has happened, and all that is not of Me. All the actions that have been done concerning this war in Iraq to make it a legitimate war have no validity, as I told you before. The lies and deceptions by Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair, have caused great turmoil to take place in the spirit world as well. All the ancestors from America and from Great Britain are as you can say, "Up in Arms against what has happened" and are now discussing this with Me in the spirit world.

You ask Me whether this is the right thing to do to explain exactly what is happening and to tell the people the truth and to put it before them to repent. If they do not repent what do you think will happen, if they don't repent? [Answer Dennis - World War between the Islamic Nations and the rest.] That is true. The situation in the Muslim countries in the Middle East will become very bad - much worse than you have ever imagined in your mind. Something must be done quickly, no more procrastination. Something has to be said. Perhaps by saying what I tell you to say, there can be a change of heart here in this administration that thinks it is leading here in America. It is leading America down into the pit - this was not My will, the lies and deceptions have to be revealed by the mouths of those who have done it. They must confess before their nations - the lies and deceptions and the motivations behind them in order to be forgiven by Me, and by the people in the world who have had to put up with this nonsense, and with this kind of brutality, and they continue to be brutal. The more they take the sword the more they will experience again death by the sword. Do not take My words lightly - what I am speaking to you tonight. Man, who lives by that which is destructive, will die by destructive means. You cannot hide from that. As you sow you reap. They want to gloat over the death of the sons of Saddam Hussein. Is that the right thing to do to gloat over the death of people and the little child that was with them? Why don't they mention the child? Have they no shame? Have they no feeling of remorse towards that child? What did the child do? You have to ask yourself that question? Why don't they mention the child that they murdered? The excuse they are using is soldiers when they were firing got hurt, naturally what do you expect those people to do - sit back and let it happen? You have already designated them as the worst brutal people in the whole of the world. Do you think they are not going to be brutal at that moment and try to save themselves. Why could they not have given them a chance and done it in a different way? In order for those people to come before the world and tell their story. If they are already killed then all the stories that were many times told may not be the true stories at all. Many of the things that people think, and many people talk an awful lot, so that many times things may be exaggerated way beyond what is the actual truth about the people. Even the worst person has some good in them. Man has a tendency to always look for the bad. He builds on that bad, so that he makes it so bad after a while that the person becomes an absolute maniac. If people want to think in that way, then there is no chance for anyone that has done wrong to get out. If you never think anything good about anyone you never let them get out of the misery they are in.

You have to be more like Jesus in a sense. He realized very fully that many of the people who professed to be religious were doing a very evil thing to him. But he had it within his heart to say, "Father forgive them, they know not what they do."

Many, many tears will come, not only to Iraq but to America. Don't ever gloat over doing things like murder. Never, never gloat over those things you think that you have accomplished by murder. Murdering someone can never rectify the problem, you have to seek no revenge but seek to love your enemies and do good to those who have hurt you. The only way to defeat Satan is through loving. The victory that Jesus had at his death was because he could forgive, the very people who were murdering him. Do you think that for a moment I could not see within his heart - it was I who created him. It is I who have created all of you, and I can see to the very depth of the human soul. You cannot hide anything from Me. Maybe you think you can hide, but you can never hide from Me. I created you. You did not create yourself. I am your creator. I am your God and your Father and your Mother. I am the creator of the whole of this universe - the whole of the Cosmos. If I tell you I am doing a great, and mighty work, you better heed My words. I will not keep repeating this. I told you, now it is up to you to do something about it. Because we are now in the final moment no one is exempt from this moment of judgment and you can be assured it is absolute righteousness and goodness that will prevail. No one can escape this moment, no matter who they are. No matter what they do. As I have said to you many times, "People can run for the rocks and the hills but they will find no place to hide from Me." Man has hid his evil too long, now he must face what he has done. The quicker Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair can tell the truth the better for the whole of the nation of America and the nation of Great Britain and the nations all over the world.

If they cannot bring themselves to repent and to tell the truth to the world, they will go down in history because of this moment of Final Judgment being here, as men who have stood on the side of Satan and not on My side. Satan has ruled this world because man puts Satan in the position he is in, not I. It is up to man then to turn it around and do the good which he should have done from the very beginning. Tell the truth to the world! Any man and woman who is in their right mind could never accept the false words that have come out of the administration in Washington D.C. The men who have come forward to try and protect the lying that took place here through the mouth of Mr. Bush, and Mr. Powell, and Mr. Rumsfeld, and Mr. Cheney and many others. They may fool others, but they will never fool Me. I can see everything - mankind may not like that idea - but it really does not matter. The only way man can get out is if they finally - as you put it - come clean and tell the truth. This can prevent a catastrophe here in America and in England especially. Because America and England will be the target of every kind of terrorist there is. But if there can be a change of heart in the minds of Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair and they can come to the realization within them that they must tell the truth to protect their nations. If they cannot do that, then the blood of the people that die because of this will be on their hands. I say this for a purpose, because of My love for them, and their families. The people of the world will find forgiveness in their hearts, if they can be those kind of people that stand and admit they were wrong. There will then be forgiveness even from the Iraqi people who have withstood this kind of bombardment. The heart of the people in the Middle East is very childlike in many ways and there are so many who have loved Me, and have suffered so long. They have not had the advantage many of them, that American people have, and English people and others in the Western world. They have not had an easy time - the average individual. The average person has suffered very much and cried many tears.

Mr. Bush says, "He loves America and he wants to protect the American people." Then he must do the right thing, so that his sin does not lash back upon the people here [USA] and they take the brunt for the things he has done wrong. This is also indicative of England and Mr. Blair. Only if they repent can forgiveness come. Not only from Me, but from the whole of the world. No matter what the motive may be. No matter what. Truth must prevail.

You must never forget that. Be honest, tell the truth. It is your friend, not your enemy. Man makes the hell within himself, because he lies to himself, and he lies to everyone around him.

Do you understand ? [Answer - Yes.]

My ways are just, as I have said before, there is no one I cannot forgive, if they can turn and say they are sorry for the things they have done wrong. This kind of sin that effects the whole of the nations by the millions is a great sin - a Great Great Sin. It is not just a little sin, it is a big sin, because it effects so many lives and so many have gone prematurely into the spirit world, and they come before Me and they cry out for justice and righteousness to prevail for they know that what has been done is not My will and certainly it is not their will.

Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes]

Do you have a question in your mind? [No]

This must be rectified - this cannot be left hanging where everybody turns around and says, "Oh, that's alright. You did that because you loved us here and you wanted to protect us in America." Protect from what? You already know, do you not, why that happened? Why those people took those planes and went into the towers? Do you not know why? Well, again that was Mr. Bush.

He did not handle the Palestinian and Jewish situation according to My will. Why did Cain kill Abel? [Answer - Abel provoked Cain.] If you provoke and you favor one person over another and you mistreat the person that you should not mistreat, then these kinds of things come about. If, Mr. Bush had treated Arafat as nicely as he treated Sharon this never would have come about, and there could have been a much better situation if he had gathered the two, Sharon and Arafat together in Washington, and sat down and treated them equally from My heart. Things could have been resolved already, and all of this would not have come to pass. But unfortunately he did not go that course, and continually slighted Arafat, even up to this moment. I have said many times love thine enemies, if you consider Arafat your enemy. What do you have to do? Love him. As you do that things will resolve themselves, no one will think badly and no one will do such a thing as happened at 9/11 as you call it. When evil is done in one direction it snow balls and becomes open for Satan to enter in every direction, into every situation with his murderous ideas. As the tree is bent, is how it grows. This whole circumstance would not be here if things had been done in a different way. If love had been demonstrated by Mr. Bush to Mr. Arafat as well as Mr. Sharon. If he had been a peacemaker- to draw them together as brothers, loving the both of them from a deep heart as America has always been that kind of nation. The kind of nation that was open in heart for the world, to be the protector of those in the world who were unjustly treated. America is a special nation that I brought about, through My love for the people who are suffering all over the world, who needed a safe haven in which all of them could unite together as brothers and sisters from every country, every race of people. America is the land of the free and the brave. The land that never took up the sword. The land which I brought into being for this moment that is now here on Earth - The Final Judgment. Always there is time to repent. Do you think I am thinking only of all the people and I put Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair out of the picture? No. They are My children too, and if I see that they are the kind of brave men that can stand up and say, they were wrong and protect their nations and other nations - then I can forgive all. I am sure that all the people can do the same. For the heart of the people I know wants to forgive everything because you come from Me and that is My eternal nature. I am most of all a Loving and forgiving Father and Mother God. There is no one I cannot love or forgive. That is where Jesus got the ability to do and say what he did when he was dying, "Father forgive them, they know not what they do." He did not mention it to his mother who was nearby. He didn't mention it to anyone but Me. For he knew that all forgiveness comes from Me, and all love begins with Me and never ends. We are all to be One World Family and everyone must come home to My heart in this hour. I will never deny anyone. Because of My love, My heart is aching to see George and Tony in the position they are in at this moment. I give them My hand and ask them to walk in My light, and not in the darkness any longer. There is a darkness over the Earth that must be lifted. If these two men, and others, also who have gone along with this, can repent, and ask forgiveness, and admit what they have done, then this can bring a great beginning for the whole of the world. For no matter what comes to pass, I will win this battle against the forces of all evil. Already the victory is in My hand - but I want all of My people to come with a humble heart into My Kingdom, that I may welcome them all home and never remember what they have done wrong throughout eternity.

Do you understand? [Yes]

You must set a precedent now at this time and that precedent of telling the truth and admitting the sin and asking forgiveness will be brought forth in every nation. All people, all the tyrants around the world who have done terrible things to their people also will come to repentance. I want to forgive them all, but there must be those who have done what they have done [in Iraq] now from the nations of America and Great Britain, which I wanted to use as the example of loving and caring for everyone. Because of this wrong doing, it must be rectified through these nations to accelerate the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth - the Garden of Eden. To bring it much faster.

Do you understand this? [Yes]

I tried to tell you this yesterday, Doris, but I didn't get the opportunity to go deep enough with you. Now, I tell you whatever is done now - because I am here - has great consequence and anything that needs to be corrected, will be corrected very quickly, because I am here with you, because I am the Ruler of the Universe, the Creator of Everything. So, because I have come at this hour, on the foundation of millions, and millions of people who have died for righteousness sake in so many wars, and so many situations throughout the world for so many years, nothing can stop this dispensation, but it can be accelerated and quickly fulfilled if people can come quickly to repentance. From that position of telling the truth and repenting, it makes a great foundation for the whole of the world to be forgiven very quickly. Whatever you do in this hour has great consequences - that is why I have said to you I am your only protection. I can protect you against all things, if you are honest with Me. But if you make excuses for your evil, and you continue to do it, it is hard for Me to just lay it aside, especially when it involves so many people dying; and also by the nations [USA/UK] I have looked to in setting the example of being Good Fathers and Mothers to the world. Protectors, who hold the flame of goodness high. There have been so many in the USA and UK who have fought such a brave battle for so many years to bring forth righteousness. I do not have to reiterate all their names. They will live always in eternity, and generation after generation will remember this moment - the beginning of the Restoration of My Kingdom on Earth - My Garden of Eden.

I love you very much. All My people I love. I have no favorites, you are all My children as bad as you may be, and as good as you may be. I have only a great yearning in My heart to see all of you in the fulfillment of the restoration of your perfection, in which your true self will be seen throughout eternity - My Image in you, and My Likeness in you. I will restore you all; there is no one that will be left out, because you all have come from Me and you return to Me, and you live eternally with Me. It is finished, the Battle is Over Now. I have found My Heart at last, in the heart of Man. Do you remember that song I sang to you, Doris? When I began to tell you that I was here upon the Earth.

Answer - Yes.

It is finished for I am here now, and you don't have to worry anymore. Don't worry just stay close to Me and know that I will never forsake you, and I will always forgive. You have just to come to Me like a child and say "Father forgive Me. I have not done what I should have done." I want to bring everyone home to My heart. I want to forgive you all, for you are and always will be My Children. My blessed children. My beloved children.

(This revelation was completed after 1 AM on the 25th July, 2003 after a long day.)