book coverThe Rule of Antioch

Herman Adrian Spruit

ISBN: 978-1-57733-255-8, 66 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $10.00

“If you could be still enough to hear the Great Ones speaking, as they are always doing, this is what you would hear them say….”

The Rule of Antioch is LOVE

“Antioch” is where the apostles and followers of Jesus gathered and were fi rst called “Christians,” and represents the earliest spiritual tradition of those who practiced the teachings of Jesus.

This apostolic lineage continues to this day, in a blend of Catholic sacramentalism and mysticism, while its essential message remains the same—“LOVE is not only the Rule of Antioch—it is a Law of Life.”

This small book by the “Bish,” as he was lovingly called, is an introduction to the writings of a mystic, as penned in an ecstasy of Love with all creation.

Table of Contents


1. The Name of the Game

2. Jesus’ Basic Creed

3. God’s Wonderful Ways of Love

4. Interpreting the Dream of Love

5. A Treatment, Not a Treat: The Great Ones Speak

6. The Anatomy of Love


Should people ask you to define the unique characteristic of our faith, tell them the truth, the whole truth. “It’s an affair of love.” It is the LOVE of God for man, woman, and child. What a precious, beautiful, compelling fact that is. It is as real as a gut emotion. It grabs at all the vital spots of your being. Don’t intellectualize it; don’t try to rationalize it with your philosophical mind. Let it happen to you. Accept it. Don’t try to understand and reason it out. He loves you just as you are at any given moment in time. It grows and grows and grows on you. It sticks to you with glorious assurance; once you have found it, never let it go. It is for real. You couldn’t shake it off, even if you tried. It sparkles and glistens with the glow of a million, million miracles. And even now, though its full impact is not yet experienced, the fullness of its reality is already there.

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