The Search for the Elusive, Wild Fritillary

Poems of Eleanor Vasak

Eleanor Vasak

ISBN: 978-1-57733-156-8, 128 pp., paperback, $13.00The Search for the Wild Elusive Fritillary is a collection of poems that convey both emotional and intellectual reflection. In this lifetime collection, Eleanor Vasak visits her youthful poetic musings, and moves forward through marriage, motherhood, and modern maturity. Her themes are the stuff of daily life, and her verses convey a sense of truth keenly seen and felt. The four seasons, holidays, and birthdays, nature and romance are observed and recounted in stanzas rich with imagery and metaphor. Optimism and humor flow through the precisely worded lines of these poems. With simplicity and sensitivity, Eleanor Vasak offers the reader a glimpse of a fully realized life. -- from the Foreword by Mary Elizabeth Wildberger


"Elly Vasak is our local Poet Laureate. Whether she is writing for a specific occasion or from her alert observation of life, her poems warm your heart and bring a smile to your lips." Betty St. George

"Gracious, charming, witty, and talented. Select any subject matter and within an hour Elly Vasak can create a beautiful poem! Such creative imagination ... she is simply brilliant." Diane Snow

"These thought-provoking verses by Elly Vasak offer great insight into the hearts and minds of those now enjoying the glowing sunset of their lives. It's a must-read for anyone now residing in a retirement community." Jack Sorrelle

"Her poems reflect life as we see it from the perspective of an older generation." Bob Steinkraus

"A spotlight, a drum roll for the authoress who in poetry can express sensitivity with humor. We've found one in Elly Vasak, much to our enjoyment." Russ & Gay Bowen


The Search for the Elusive Wild Fritillary

As I walked in the meadow one lovely Spring day,
I watched all the dozens of wild grasses sway.
I looked at the wild flowers, examined each one.
I'd searched far and near (I never was done)
For the one special flower, like a sprite or a fairy,
'Twas elusive and hidden, the wild Fritillary.

I was eating a peach as I passed a wild thicket,
I tossed in the pit, and my eyes seemed to follow,
I caught a quick glimpse of red--could it be?
I got down on my knees and I crawled in to see.
In the midst of the thicket, almost hid by the leaves
Was a delicate flower in the rich loamy earth.

I was stunned, and I found it so hard to believe!
'Twas a wild Fritillary, my searching had worth.
It was red with gray mottling and shaped like a lily,
Or a bell that was nodding, getting ready to ring.
The deep shade around it was gathering fast,
But my dream had come true, my heart started to sing.

Copyright 2004

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