John W. Sweeley

Author of
Rights, Liberties, and Social Justice
Reincarnation for Christians

Father John W. Sweeley is a priest in the Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch-Malabar Rite and a member of the faculty of Sophia Divinity School. He is pastor of St. James Catholic Community and his writing on social justice may be found at Fr. Sweeley holds a B.A. in social science from the University of Baltimore, an M.Ed. in counseling from Coppin State University, a C.A.S.E. in psycholinguistics from the Johns Hopkins University, and M.A. in theology from St. Mary's Roman Catholic Seminary and University, and M.Div. in theology from Sophia Divinity School, and a Th.D. in theology from Sophia Divinity School.

Father Sweeley is also a member of the faculty of the Renaissance Institute of the College of Notre Dame of Maryland. He is the author of The Historical Jesus: Man, Myth, or God and his articles have been published in such journals as Touched by Adoption, The Bastard Quarterly, The Journal of the Association for the Study of Perception, and Christ's College Bulletin, Cambridge University. Additionally, Father Sweeley has two books in process: The Myth of the Natural Mother: Adoption, Relinquishment, and Closed Records as Punishment for Expression of Female Sexuality and Control of Women's Bodies and Archbishop Herman Adrian Spruit and the Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch: Independent Catholicism for the 21st Century.

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