Dzog Chen and Zen

Namkhai Norbu

Edited with a Preface and Notes by Kennard Lipman

ISBN: 0-931892-08-2, 48 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, $10.0

In this text from a lecture originally given in 1981, Norbu Rinpoche discusses the relationship between Zen Buddhism and the various forms of Buddhism that developed in Tibet. Both are direct, non-gradual approaches to Buddhist teaching that continue to be practiced in the West.

"The principle of the Dzog-chen teaching is the self-perfectedness, the already-being-perfect of every individual. Self-perfectedness means that the so-called objective is nothing else than the manifestation of the energy of the primordial state of the individual himself. An individual who practices Dzog-chen must possess clear knowledge of the principle of energy and what it means."

Table of Contents

Guide to Pronunciation
The Lecture
A Biographical Sketch of the Author

Copyright 1984

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