excerpt from A Guide to the Dolphin Divination Cards

Heart to Heart

When you're heart to heart, it's like a smile that spreads through your whole body. You're either experiencing a deep, fulfilling bonding of heart energy with another being or are about to. It can also signify finding your spiritual "energetic match" or soul mate ... or having a merging of great, loving bliss. An open heart merging with another open heart. Ascending into a realm where love creates the harmonics and magic of life. Hearts in harmony. Having a heart-to-heart talk with another person, sharing our life stories and confidences in a completely open and trusting way. A "heartship" is transcendent, raising friendship up to a higher octave of the heart's harmonies.

Heart-to-heart and the merging of loving, blissful energy is one of life's greatest joys. Often we keep our hearts closed, thinking that no one loves us in the way we want to be loved. This contracted attitude does not even let this joyful experience close to us. We repel it with our doubting, fearful attitude. When we are contracted in disappointment, hurt, or disillusionment, we are not emanating the loving "heart light" that resonates and magnetizes to us a loving, joyful partner or friend.

When we are heart-to-heart with another person, we often become so merged and intimate that we may not know where we end and the other person begins. Our hearts seem to beat as one, and it is our greatest delight to see and be with that person. Because we do not pay attention to flaws, we see this person in a glorious light. Usually every quality is viewed idealistically. This merging love fills us with pure delight and makes everything in life feel magical. Things that may have felt impossible before, now feel very possible. All the gates to manifestation seem to be opened. Whether it is a new relationship or the renewal of an old one, love waves give us a feeling of tremendous empowerment and renewed hope.

When we are heart-to-heart, we may spontaneously heal from illnesses, poor health, or feelings of limitation. Love, and the endorphins it produces, boosts our immune system and often heals a compromised state of health.

A few years back, a dolphin, who came to be named Holly, found her way into a bay on the Sinai Peninsula. She came alone, and the villagers wondered why she was separated from her pod. She had her own signature whistle which they came to recognize. She adopted a new pod--the villagers. Every day they swam and played with her. She especially enjoyed the children. The villagers felt she was an auspicious sign of good luck, as she brought them so much happiness. One day she surprised the villagers with a new-born baby. Now they felt doubly blessed. Visitors started coming to swim with Holly and baby Jimmy. Maybe it was all the people, or environmental toxins, but Jimmy died. Holly was in deep grief. She was listless and did not invite the villagers' touch, as she had before.

The villagers decided to comfort and protect Holly during her time of grief, just as a wild pod would. The fourth day after Jimmy's death, she responded to them by holding still for their caresses. This progressed to offering her fins and her body to be touched and rubbed. In a time of grief, human friends related heart-to-heart to their dear dolphin friend, and gave her the love and healing she needed.

One of our lessons from this card is to protect this "state of heart" once we find it. We must be careful not to erect walls between our hearts through fault-finding and neglect. If we stay heart-centered and "out of our heads," we have a better chance to sustain our shared happiness. We keep our communication open, with honesty and kindness. Nurturing our hearts becomes a daily practice and priority because we know how precious and rare it is to have this blessing.

When we are heart-to-heart, we can reveal ourselves to the other without fear of being "stung" or hurt in return. We have the possibility of being seen, understood, and appreciated for who we are. We also want to be the best person we can be. We might rise to personal levels of humor, happiness, and humanitarianism that we may never have reached before. New vitality and energy may fund creative projects that have been on the "back burner" for too long.

The more love that is infused into us, the easier it is to let loose or release that which we no longer need, such as fears and resentments. The fullness of love facilitates the release. Love is the ultimate healer, so, as our priest friend, Father Daniel, says, "When is doubt, love is the answer."

Heart-to-heart is one of life's greatest highs ... a rush of "heart light" that gives us a glimpse of heaven ... and cracks open the door to all that is sacred.