Book coverInvocations to the Light

Wistancia Stone

ISBN: 1-57733-011-0, 144 pages, 5x8, paper, $12.95

"With invocations, we become magnets, pulling Light toward ourselves. We feel more joy, wisdom, harmony, purpose, energy, creativity, and love."

Invocations to the Light is a loving guide to re-awaken our connection to our True Selves. Like prayer and meditation, invocations teach, inspire, and add to the Light we carry into the world. By consciously invoking the help and guidance of Higher Beings, we acknowledge their presence, reach up to where the help resides, and bring it down to where the help is needed....

Invocations are personal tools for uniting with spiritual masters and asking for the blessings we need in life. In contacting our inner Source, we learn to use our power, our voice, and our heart to call upon the Love and Light of Spirit to work with us, especially in these times of personal and planetary expansion.


"Wistancia Stone has written and channeled a ground breaking, scholarly, spiritually profound, radiantly shimmering, yet practical book on the art and science of invocation.... This book opens up pathways for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students of the path, and is extremely comprehensive, yet very easy to read and understand. A teacher and a messenger, she has co-created a masterpiece that her 'Friends in High Places' call 'Heart Songs.' Each invocation is like a work of art weaving heart and mind, Heaven and Earth, Divine and Human, celestial and terrestrial together to evoke one's highest truth and Self. This book integrates the best of the left brain and right brain on this most important subject of invoking the God forces in order to ascend love, wisdom, power, enlightenment, and spiritual evolution. This book integrates and blends the best of spiritual science with the poetry and grace of an Angel embodied on Earth! ... must reading for all who wish to accelerate their spiritual growth...." Dr. Joshua David Stone, author of 20-volume Ascension Book Series

"This profound and beautiful little book will add much light to the world. The 'Invocations' act like a bridge of assistance from the higher dimensions ... and carry magical codes that connect one to the Masters and Archangels." Michael Hammer, international recording artist

Table of Contents

An Invocation for This Book

I Reaching for the Light
II Ask for What You Want and Need
III Fourteen Archangels and Seven Primary Rays of Creation
IV Four Cosmic Beings
V Inner Plane Ascended Masters - Five Masters
VI Healing the Self
VII Healing for Others
VIII Healing the Earth
IX Celebrations and Special Occasions

We End with a Message from an Inner Plane Ascended Master
Sacred Space for Your Personal Invocations


Invocation is a sacred act. Some personal preparation to bring you into sacred space is important for it to be the powerful tool of transformation that it is. Remember, the heart is the gateway - or stargate - to feeling the sacred unity of life. So access the heart. Begin by connecting to Source in whatever way you can. Be aware that intention is a dynamic tool to manifest a linking with Source. Be present in respect, in faith, in sincerity. Ask for these virtues if you need to.

Take a moment to center yourself. Visualize white and golden light encompassing you. You can say to yourself, "I surround myself with peace, love, and light, and create a sheath of protection around myself." You may choose to outpicture platinum light - a frequency above the gold. Take a few slow, deep breaths and release the tension out of your body. Each breath is a new gift of life - the Masters call it a "new morning." And with every in-breath and out-breath there is a point of stillness which brings serenity when it is your focus. Feel the finer energies around you. Feel your heart and connect with your breath. You may wish to visualize a "figure eight" connecting your breath with your heart so they are joined and begin to intertwine. It is like breathing through the heart. From your heart, breathe light into the rest of your body. Feel the top of your head - your crown - and consciously intend it to open to bring light from the higher dimensions into the physical, emotio! nal, mental, and etheric layers of your Being.

Ground yourself by directing a ray of your own light from the heart down into the center of the planet, anchoring it to the crystal that lies deep within the center of Earth. Then send another beam of light into Heaven or God or the Great Central Sun (whatever feels right for you). Take a moment to breathe and feel the returning of these energies back into the heart from above and from below you. You are the bridge connecting Heaven and Earth.

The energy of life is Light. The energy that is called God is Light. The energy of the smallest atomic particle breaking apart is Light. All is Light - know that this is a scientific and spiritual truth. Embrace the paradox that you express yourself as a separate entity, yet hold within your consciousness the deep reality that there is a Oneness of which you are a part. Though it may seem that Divine Beings whose guidance and help you seek dwell in another reality, they are a part of the Oneness, too. There is no separation between yourself and the Oneness. The sense that you are alone is an illusion.

As you speak invocations, notice how you feel, how the space around you feels. You will probably be aware of an increase in energy, both in yourself and in the space you occupy. These energies may be felt in many different ways such as a sense of warmth, tingling, or a buzzing. Perhaps you may feel like a bottle being filled up with a liquid or a balloon being filled with air. You may feel larger than usual, full of power, like "more of yourself." The atmosphere in the room will change as the energies that you call forth draw nearer. With clairvoyant sight, interplays of light and color can be seen. The important thing is to feel the love that will invariably fill your heart. Your energy will begin to come into resonance with the energies that have been invoked. When the invocation has been made and the energies have been summoned by love, it is easier for the heart to come into the vibration of love. Feel at ease with your own experience and know that it will also change as y! our awareness of the new energies expands.

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