Rebecca Latimer

Author of You're Not Old Until You're Ninety

After her husband's retirement in 1954 from twenty-five years as a Foreign Service diplomat, Rebecca Latimer began to reveal her charm, wit, and wisdom to the world at large. Her work has been published in The New Yorker, Harper's Magazine, House and Garden, and Western Humanities Review, to name just a few. She has also published a children's book titled Susie and Leyla: Teenagers in Turkey. Rebecca's entire journal collection, recorded over eighty years, has been reserved for future housing in the permanent Rebecca Latimer Special Collection at Mills College Library in Oakland, California.

Born in September of 1905, this vivacious woman spent a lifetime studying how to live life to its fullest. Her spunk and enthusiasm have not diminished over the years, and she is an excellent advisor on how to age vigorously. "I'd rather be over seventy than under fifty" and "Remember, it's your body that's aging, not you!" she says.

Rebecca currently lives in Sonoma, California. She has two grown sons and is working on writing her autobiography.

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