Mission to Millboro

A Study in Group Reincarnation

Marge Rieder, Ph.D.

ISBN: 0-931892-59-7, 208 pages, 43 photos, 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $13.00

Not one, but more than thirty-five people have been identified, most of them from around Lake Elsinore, California, who, under hypnosis, can recall in graphic detail, life in the same little town in Virginia during the American Civil War! Using the information gained during the hypnotherapy sessions, Dr. Rieder enthralls us by showing the secret tunnels and hideaways she uncovered while on her expeditions to Millboro. She skillfully reconstructs the suspenseful stories of love, tragedy and espionage from these tumultuous times that echo through the past and impact the present.


"A must-read for the curious and skeptical alike." Pyramid Books

"Dr. Marge Rieder skillfully combines an intriguing spy story worthy of John Le Carré with well-developed psychological research into how the past, even though consciously forgotten, continues to influence our lives today. Mission to Millboro is a thoroughly enjoyable book. I couldn't put it down." Chet B. Snow, Ph.D., Mass Dreams of the Future

"The Millboro case is one of the most fascinating examples of group reincarnation I have ever read. After personally meeting three of the subjects, I am even more impressed with their story." Bruce Goldberg, D.D.S., M.S., The Search for Grace and Past Lives, Future Lives

"Her walking hypnosis methods, seeing two time frames simultaneously, is exciting and could become an important tool in future past-life research." Jess Stearn, Intimates through Time

"Mission to Millboro adds a new dimension to the plethora of books on reincarnation and, in more recent years, past-life regression therapy. Few, if any, of the others provide the wealth of incontrovertible evidence which resulted from Marge Rieder's investigation and research to substantiate her findings. Having met the members of this unusual real-life drama, I was impressed by their skepticism and integrity. It is a remarkable example of groups reincarnating. Highly recommended reading for everyone interested in this fascinating field." Hazel M. Denning, Ph.D., co-founder and first president of the Association for Past Life Research and Therapies

"The subject of reincarnation has been a fascinating one throughout the ages. In the last twenty years we have witnessed the growth of the phenomenon of hypnosis-induced regression, i.e., using hypnosis to reach memories of past experiences buried in the subconscious. The theory that we have all lived before and that memories of our past lives exist and might be available to us through hypnosis is an intriguing one that has therapeutic and metaphysical potential. Ms. Rieder's work is well organized and presented in an absorbing, exciting manner. Apart from being a book that one doesn't want to put down, it should be taken seriously by therapists and people in all walks of life." Robin Ely Berman, M.D., medical director, National Gaucher Foundation

Table of Contents

1. The Beginning
2. Life in Millboro
3. The Plot Thickens
4. Tragedy
5. The Aftermath
6. The Epidemic
7. The Indians
8. Going to Millboro
9. Salt Lake City, Utah
10. West Point
11. Return to Millboro


It began with a slice of carrot cake. Maureen Williamson doesn't even particularly like carrot cake, so it was surprising to her that, while at a restaurant with some friends in November of 1986, she ordered carrot cake with her coffee. Several days after that she picked up a tablet and wrote the name: John Daniel Ashford.

Maureen and I had become acquainted through mutual friends, and she was aware of my work with hypnosis. She had originally come to me to help her delve into some areas of her childhood. She came in one day and asked: "Who is John Daniel Ashford? This name has been in my mind lately since you have been hypnotizing me, and I cannot seem to shake it. I need to know who this person is or was." My first inclination was that this John Ashford was probably someone from her forgotten childhood memories so I hypnotized her again and inquired: "Who is John Ashford?" In a firm tone she stated: "He's my husband." Knowing that Maureen's husband's name was not John, my curiosity was aroused, and I asked her if she knew what year it was.

For the past twenty years, particularly the last thirteen that I have lived in Lake Elsinore, California, the study and practice of hypnosis has kept me thoroughly involved. In addition to helping people quit smoking, understand their phobias, retrieve lost or misplaced articles, face and overcome a myriad of other human frailties, I have a fascination for the other side of the coin - the experimental side of hypnosis. Dealing directly with the unconscious mind can benefit mankind in many ways, as yet undocumented. Again and again, my clients have surprised me and themselves by opening unexpected avenues of research and exploration. The human mind is not only vast and mysterious but also totally unpredictable. It is a source of constant amazement what people in trance will tell an alert, trained hypnotist. This is particularly true in the area of past life work....

When asked where she was, Maureen said she was in Virginia, in a town called "Marlboro" and that her name was Rebecca or Becky. As to the year, she said: "1861 or 31."

One must bear in mind that in this type of past life regression, which is what this seemed to turn out to be, names and dates are often confused. Sometimes the names and dates will be inverted or transposed, similar but different. One person in my study gave the town name as Millford, another said Wellborn. Dates are ascertained by historical events, such as the Civil War. Sometimes even this can backfire. When one subject was regressed and instructed to go back in time to the Civil War, she immediately began describing a lifetime during the French Revolution. Now I am careful to instruct, the American Civil War. In order to get a better fix on the time period, Becky was asked what was happening in the country. She said: "There's a war; the South and the North are fighting." That would make the year 1861, right on target.

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