book coverThe One-Minute Healing Experience

Ellen Laura

ISBN: 1-57733-012-9, 120 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $11.00

Ellen Laura's dedication to spiritual practices has brought her face-to-face with true stories of "One-Minute Healings." The One-Minute Healing Experience is a distillation of her life's work.


"After reading this book I was left with the feeling of comfort and renewed purpose. I found it to be filled with many wonderful ideas in bringing our awareness back to the Truth. I loved its wisdom, insights, and the gentle reminders to help us remember that life is a miracle and living it in truth is miraculous." Annie Kirkwood, Mary's Message to the World

"The One-Minute Healing Experience is filled with the spiritual vitamins that will keep your immune system healthy and your heart filled with love. We are what we think. This book fills our minds with the healthy thoughts that will dispel stress and create joy." Janice Wilson, M.A., The Gift from the Goddess

"This book will empower anyone who has experienced feelings of despair, longing, or unfulfilled dreams while looking for spiritual meaning." Robert D. Milne, M.D.

"Ellen Laura has taken subtle spiritual practices and made them more clear, more usable, and stripped away the intellectual elitism. This charming book touched my heart, and I recommend it as essential reading for anyone seeking the psychological and spiritual strength required to move into the new millennium." Barbie J. Taylor, Ph.D., I Brake For Butterflies

Table of Contents

Introduction by Robert D. Milne, M.D.

Awaken to Miracles of the Moment
Energy Flows Where Attention Goes
Recognizing a One-Minute Healing Experience
How to Use This Book
Love and Kindness
Longevity and Rejuvenation
Prosperity and Abundance
Wisdom and Responsibility
Spiritual Hunger Is Satisfied
Becoming a Magnet for Miracles


May the Blessing Be - On the Road

Something happens to people while driving in rush hour traffic; everyone is looking at everyone else as an annoyance, or an adversary, often cursing and muttering as they drive. These negative thoughts do not stay in the car. They poison the "inner atmosphere" and cause thought pollution! Remember: thoughts carry energy. It is your choice if your thoughts carry the power and energy to uplift or destroy. No wonder it's so difficult to see beyond our problems--thought pollution is obstructing our vision! To help clean up the "atmosphere," practice this exercise for one minute the next time you stop at a traffic light. Bless every car that passes and say to them, with a feeling of compassion, "May the blessings be. Have a safe trip on the road today!"

Tim drove through traffic, swearing and wondering why everyone else was so stupid. "They never pay attention, they try to cut me off," he would mutter to himself, and his blood pressure would rise as he was driving.

One evening, he was out on a "first time date" with a woman named Gwen. Shocked by his fiery temper, she wondered if this was a danger signal alerting her to avoid this man. Gwen decided she'd give him a chance to respond differently.

She shared her "car blessing technique" with Tim, saying, "May the blessings be. Have a safe trip on the road today," to every passing vehicle. He thought this was ridiculous, but his strong attraction to Gwen influenced him to humor her and play along. They sat at each stop light, blessing cars, laughing together. A bus approached and Tim remarked, "I really hate those stinky buses; we don't have to bless them, do we?" "Absolutely," replied Gwen. Tim's temper gave a subtle flare, but he continued blessing cars and buses. He found it wasn't so difficult, because of Gwen's calming presence next to him. His personal atmosphere shifted, and Gwen felt her heart open.

By the time they arrived at the restaurant, he felt great and was thrilled that he didn't need his usual two martinis to feel relaxed. Tim continued dating Gwen, eventually married her, and found himself blessing cars even when he wasn't with her. Occasionally, he even shares this technique with other men and finds they are more open than he imagined. So, the next time you stop at a traffic light and see people who seem to be sending you a blessing, send it right back!

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