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What Do Women Want from Men?

by One Hundred Women with Dan True

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ISBN: 0-931892-87-2, 224 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $13.00

"In one word, exactly what did I discover that women want from men? 'Honesty!'"

Dan True embarked on his research with 110 questions and an open mind. The former TV weatherman described the process as an "aha" experience as the women he interviewed revealed forthright and sometimes shockingly candid information about what they really want from their men and relationships. Discover what else Dan learned from these women who speak with such wisdom and spice.

Whether you are a man or woman, exploring these questions and answers will give you valuable insights into finding the right partner or improving an existing relationship.

"Dan True, in this wonderfully refreshing book, unravels just exactly what is on women's minds nowadays about men from money, anger, and honesty to sex and relationships and reveals a wealth of insight into the feminine psyche." Carol Cassell, Ph.D., author of Tender Bargaining and Straight from the Heart

Table of Contents

Why This Book Was Written
1 Money, Women, and Men
2 Women Talk about Relationships with Men
3 Women Talk about Men and Sex
4 Women’s Psyche about Men
5 Miscellaneous Nuggets of Wisdom Gleaned from One Hundred Women's Minds
The Interview Questions


In the months following my divorce, I kept asking myself, "What went wrong?" Both my former wife and I were above average in intelligence, and the mix of our personalities produced some pleasant years. Yet, a break came. Since it takes two to tango, we both shared whatever blame there was in the breakup. Nevertheless, I came to feel that if I had really known what she wanted, maybe we could have made it work.

When I realized we were in trouble, I read the latest books and articles on marriage and relationships. None, however, seemed to answer my question. At one point I considered doing my own research on what women want from men and writing my own book. But the fact that I have no doctorate or masters in that field subdued me. So I shelved the idea and got on with life. But the question persisted.

After a couple of years I decided simply to do the research for my personal use. I worked in television and was aware that statisticians for national TV rating services had established that a sample of a few hundred families from across the nation represented the viewing habits of our two hundred forty-eight million men, women, and children. Since my inquiry was aimed at only one family member, I felt reasonable accuracy could be achieved from interviewing one hundred women. So I bought a tape recorder, created a list of questions I thought were relevant, and marched ahead.

My original list contained thirty-seven questions. However, at the end of each interview I asked the woman to suggest questions she thought I should ask in future interviews. The women's additions expanded my list to one-hundred-and-ten questions. Eighty-two were selected for inclusion in this work. Some questions were extremely personal, yet were answered easily, with an openness that surprised me.

In the beginning, I interviewed friends and acquaintances, my former wife among them. After I exhausted those sources, I asked the women I had interviewed for referrals. In selecting interviewees, I chose women who represented all geographical areas of the United States, along with racial representations closely matching the ethnic mix of our population. The average age of the women was thirty-seven; the most mature individual was sixty-six. Their average level of education was 2.1 years of college.

As I compiled the work it occurred to me that the women I interviewed were the real authors. Their ideas and thoughts, often pithy and earthy, revealed a collective wisdom that may at least equal the wisdom of trained professionals. From their one hundred answers to each question I selected those which, in my opinion, produced the most useful information. To preserve the women's wisdom undiluted, and at the same time retain the flavor and spice of their minds, the work is presented using the women's words, with an occasional personal observation written by me. As a bonus from doing this book, three questions emerged that seemed to be quick, simple guides to increasing a man's chance for a successful relationship with an individual woman. In fact, if I were single, I would get answers to these three questions before I went beyond a second date. (See pages 164, 215, 224.) Information I gained from interviews with the one hundred women led me to understand why my former wife and I came to divorce. Had I (we) been smarter sooner, it is probable we would have never married. Now, since one hundred women have increased my understanding of the female mind, I have more confidence in my ability to select a partner more intelligently. Interviewing one hundred women was an ah-ha experience. I hope you enjoy peeking into their minds as much as I did.

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 1994

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