Your Dream Relationship

Eleven Steps to Finding Unconditional Love

Alix & Ronald Gavran  

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ISBN: 0-931892-75-9, 112 pp., 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $10.00

Inspired by their own experience, Alix and Ronald Gavran show that dream relationships begin with and continue with a healthy, loving relationship with our innerselves.

Through valuable suggestions and clear examples, they guide us through their "Eleven-Step" program to find unconditional love. Singles and couples alike learn to embrace the changes that will transform us, heal old wounds, and make intimate connections - create dream relationships!

Table of Contents

Word to the Reader

Step 1. Physical Exercise
Step 2. Diet
Step 3. Freeing Yourself From Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco
Step 4. Celilbacy (Temporarily!)
Step 5. Quieting Your Mind
Step 6. Opening Your Heart
Step 7. Facing Yourself
Step 8. Creating Your Dream Partner
Step 9. Agreeing to Change
Step 10. Opening Your Borders
Step 11. Going with Your Flow
Closing Message


Both of us had gone through disappointing relationships. Some had been short and/or painful, others filled with struggle and misunderstanding, all of which had finally broken up. After these failed relationships, we also, unknown to each other, had gone through the eleven steps that we share with you in this book.

These eleven steps prepared us on a very deep inner level to join in a relationship of unconditional love. Our coming together seemed effortless because we were ready for this event. The eleven-step process itself was initiated by an inner prompting to be true to our innerselves and to change everything in our lives gradually for the better. We had fallen in love with the process - how wonderful we felt within our discoveries and transformations - and were not focused on results. We did not know where we were headed, nor when we would get there. Now we know that the process was refining and tuning us for our dream relationship.

The outcome of our eleven-step process has been far greater than we could ever have imagined. We have come home to our innerselves, our essence, that resourceful, dimensionless flow of energy uniquely formed in each of us. It originates from a source of unconditional love, peace, righteousness, truth, acceptance and knowledge which has been imparted to each of us. The innerself is all that we truly are. We've experienced a sense of deep trust in our innerselves that adds immense happiness and inner peace. Our dream relationship brought forth and clearly defined our life's work/purpose - serving and helping others to help themselves.

When we came together, we experienced a knowing between us that we would create "something new." After we were newly married, one of our teachers said, "You have a relationship that needs to be shared with the world." He saw our dream relationship, our unconditional love, and acknowledged it.

The time has come, within our universal flow, to share this "something new" that we have created, and how we prepared ourselves to make our dream relationship a daily reality. We sincerely believe you can too! It is your choice and will take your commitment.

We want to emphasize that you will create YOUR dream relationship, not a copy of ours. Each of us creates our own reality. The eleven-step process is a tool for your creation. It worked perfectly for us - it can work for you! Keep in mind that it applies to all types of relationships.

Each of us is a divine being, a powerful creator that orchestrates our going through the eleven-step process in our own way and at our own pace. This inner journey is exclusive to each and every one, along with many individual discoveries and transformations.

From the depths of our hearts we wish you all the rewards on your journey to discover your innerself and create YOUR dream relationship.

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 1993

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