Sidney Friedman

Author of Your Mind Knows More Than You Do

Sidney FRIEDMAN is a seer, phenomenalist, composer, writer, and performer/demonstrator of intuition and creative thinking for individuals, colleges, and corporations. For the latter, his clients include companies such as Baxter, Dean Witter, Harris Bank, McDonald's, Motorola and Quaker Oats. Often referred to as "The Haiku Psychic" for his annual poetic FRIEDMAN'S FORECAST, he has displayed the power of his mind on numerous television programs on NBC, CBS, WGN, and FOX. Friedman's accuracy with his predictions has been documented consistently above 70%.

 Friedman was educated at the Eastman School of Music, later studied in Sweden on a Frank Huntington Beebe Fund Grant, and was a composer fellow at the Boston Symphony Orchestra's Tanglewood Music Festival. Recently, he wrote the music for the PBS television show, TREASURES OF THE WORLD, narrated by Bill Kurtis, and the PBS series, WORLD CLASSICS.

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