Your Mind Knows More Than You Do

The Subconscious Secrets of Success

Sidney Friedman

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"Ironically, it seems the moment you decide not to impress anyone but yourself is the moment the road to greatness begins. It is the moment you begin to make some discernible difference in the world and for your family. It is the inauguration of genius. It is the start of an honest, creative, meaningful and magical life."  Sidney FRIEDMAN

The conscious mind knows a limited amount of information compared to the subconscious mind, which seems to know just about everything. With YOUR MIND KNOWS MORE THAN YOU DO, you will learn to tap into the subconscious, to get "on line" with this inner "information superhighway," making its vast knowledge more readily available. More important, you will learn to feed it your wishes so it can help make them come to fruition. You will learn The Subconscious Secrets of Success.

Concise, quick, yet packed with information, Sidney FRIEDMAN's YOUR MIND KNOW MORE THAN YOU DO is about:

This book gives clear methods of how to use the part of your mind which is usually unavailable--the subconscious mind. You will learn;

Table of Contents

I. The Hidden Mind
II. Journey
III. The Pendulum Principle
IV. Power, Wishes and Wisdom
V. Creation
VI. Free-Form Subconscious Communication
VII. A Future Seer
VIII. To and Through the Looking Glass
IX. Specialties
X. The Small Spherical Magnet

Summary of Exercises
Sample Photographs


Is there a way to overcome difficulties and achieve great success in business, friendship, love and family? There exists a power which is the avenue toward achievement and gratification. You may use it if you desire. It is not necessarily mystical or mysterious, except that it is not known by the majority of people. Throughout the ages a charmed few have understood this knowledge. Be it part of their nature or be it something they acquired, with this force they have made their wishes materialize.

You will learn an approach using time-tested techniques and exercises that will allow your conscious mind to make use of the knowledge contained in vast areas of the brain usually unavailable to us. You will learn the subconscious language of success, a method of communication that will allow you to literally ask your subconscious questions, and then receive reliable, clear answers from it.

Success is a result of finding solutions and taking actions. With diligence, you will learn to use your ENTIRE mind to help make difficult decisions and creatively solve problems by effectively consulting your true innate desires and wisdom. You will learn to focus your subconscious to compel you to fully act upon the solutions.

More simply, you will learn to transfer subconscious information to your conscious mind, then you will learn to transfer your conscious thoughts and desires to your subconscious mind.

Over the years, students of these techniques have discovered their real feelings about personal and business relationships, they have uncovered hidden talents and interests, they have increased their capacity for creativity, they have made strong career choices, they have become more organized and productive, they have made many wishes come true, and they have developed a strong and healthy belief in themselves.

At one of the most spiritual and magical places on earth, a seat of Western civilization, the temple of Apollo at Delphi, a Greek philosopher inscribed two simple words: "Know thyself." This modest, unadorned phrase is the starting point for attaining aspirations. It represents a seemingly easy task but in reality is the most difficult thing to accomplish. How do you truly do it? How do you really know what lies within? If you actually "know thyself," an essential step has been taken toward the goal of a successful, satisfied life. The thoughts and tools within these pages will help in this exploration. In addition, any intuitive powers you already possess will become amplified, more effective and pronounced, with results bordering on the incredible.

Read the contents slowly, deliberately, repeatedly, and be warned that speed reading is forbidden. Either do the exercises as you read them, or better yet, read through the book, then go back and execute the exercises while reading the book a second time. Continue to use these tools regularly. Make a commitment. Many people read an enlightening book or attend a motivating seminar which inflates them with confidence and direction, only to have the impact and glow wear off after a few days. Again, I stress the importance of reading and rereading this material. And again, I emphasize the value of doing the exercises no matter how unusual they may seem to you at first. Their effectiveness will soon become apparent.

Keep in mind a primary principle of the concepts to follow: In just about everything, there is a perpetual swing back and forth. There is a motion created from desire and emotion, a rise and fall, a pressure and release, a daybreak and nightfall, a coming and going, an expansion and contraction, a powerful pendulum inherent in practically everything throughout our world and beyond.

Become aware of the sway, feel the flux, connect with the movement, and you will live with success.

When this happens, the shifts in nature, business and relationships become apparent. Truths become evident. Secrets are revealed. Moments matter. The time between beginnings and endings expands. Magic happens.

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 2000

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