Smell the Roses

Poems of

Eleanor (Elly) Vasak

ISBN: 978-1-57733-288-6, 180 pp., paperback, $16.00

Author of The Search for the Elusive Wild Fritillary

ȁSmelling the roses” is exactly how Elly Vasak has lived her life. She thoroughly enjoys, and expresses through her poems, the beauties of nature and the experience of “simply being human” each day.

Descended from a family of Welsh weavers who arrived in America prior to the Revolutionary War, Elly has woven a tapestry of delightful poems. She follows the rich, poetic tradition of Wales by writing poetry during an entire life, and about every conceivable topic. She notices the little things people do and say, the wise or funny tidbits of conversation, the “twists and turns” in daily life that we all experience, and responds to timely topics in the news, season, or holidays.

Elly composed this third collection of poetry, Smell the Roses, between 2000 to 2013. Often, she says, one thought would be the spark or key to a new insight, and maybe a new poem. As a friend commented, “Select any subject matter and within an hour Elly Vasak can create a beautiful poem! Such creative imagination...!”

As a member of “the Greatest Generation,” Elly wrote these poems for a particular group of readers—retired people, couples and singles—(who might catch a few extra innuendos and) who perhaps have a little bit of extra time to enjoy these soulful, touching, romantic, and sometimes witty poems.

Table of Contents


The Library
Welcome Spring
To the Staff
Christmas Time

Be My Valentine?
One Summer Morning

Song of Norway
Happy G*Hooligan
Gala 2003

Finding Each Other
Young at Heart
A Tribute to a State That I Called Home for Two Years
Nevada City 2004
Restless Night
Thomas’ Anniversary
Turkey Days
Avoid the Flu
Winter Solstice
Happy, Happy!

To Whom It May Concern
A Little Chat
’Tis Winter
Music, Music, Music
The Madness of March
Stars of the Heart
Sing for Spring
Circumstances Beyond Our Control
The May-Pole Dance
The Fourth
Bird Ballet
In Paradise
A Tea Musicale
Two Birthdays
Hours That Are Ours
Fitness Class
Party Time
Dear Santa
To Becky from the Aquanuts
Time to Diet
To the Future—2006

February 2006
The Eighteenth of April, 1906
Earth Can Bring Sweetness
My Flower—Ma Fleur
Mother’s Day
Father’s Day
Good Intentions
Happy Birthday, Elysian Fields
It’s September, Remember?
Bill Stoneberg
Our Gifts
Auld Acquaintance
The Hawk

Polar Bear Day, February 27
To Otto—At a Celebration of His Ninetieth Birthday
Breakfast in Bed
Let’s Pray
Summer Night
We Went Camping
Growing Old Gracefully?
My Aching Back
After Ten Years
Christmas Spirit

It’s 2008
Winter Break
Who Proposed—He or She?
Here’s Duncan
What Happened?
Above the Fog
April Showers
The Month of May
Water Exercise
To Joan and Fred, Happy Mother’s Day
Pledge to the Flag
Childhood Memories
Travel Anyone?
First Love
In My Dreams
Laurel Creek Interlude
Have a Divine Christmas

Saint Valentine’s Day
Right Here at Home

Valentine’s Day Brunch
About Spring
A Quandary
Your Sister P.E.O.
Think Autumn

Vacillating Spring—a poem
Oak Trees
Giving Thanks
Magic of Midwinter
Sounding the Alarm
What Next

Let’s Be Each Other’s Valentine
Queen of the May
The New Café
Our Veterans
Mr. Right
Oh, Well!
Architecture of a Poem
I’m Obese
The Christmas Spirit

Let’s Be Valentines
March Winds
That’s How You Are
Oh Puh-leez

About the Author


Young at Heart

We don’t have to be young
To have lots of fun.
We see smiles and hear laughter
Wherever we turn.

There is music for pleasure
And dancing for joys.
We hear witty remarks
From ole gals and ole guys.

We perk up each other
With words and with deeds.
Sometimes we help out
With somebody’s needs.

I just hope you’ll relate
As I reiterate,
We don’t have to be young
To have lots of fun.

Copyright 2014

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