Louise Ireland-Frey, M.D.

Author of
O Sane and Sacred Death

Blossom of the Buddha
Book I: The Prince
Book II: The Homeless One
Book III: The Master

Louise Ireland-Frey, born in Idaho in 1912, grew up in western Colorado. She received degrees in zoology from CU and Mt. Holyoke College, and an MD from Tulane with membership in Alpha Omega Alpha (Honor medical society), but in 1943 she retired from medical practice in Wichita, Kansas, for health reasons. After her husband returned from overseas in 1946, they had four sons, born between 1948 and 1954.

Her knowledge of religion expanded from Protestant Christianity to several other religions. She called each one like a "color." She felt that each color was "good" for the persons who feel most at home in that color.

Hypnosis training and Extra-Sensory Perception courses, which can produce mental states such as "no time," and focus on points in "universal consciousness," added to her experience and provided the base for her career in hypnotherapy since 1981. Contact through friends with modes such as Reiki and Shamanism have broadened her view of human mental and spiritual capacities. She predicts that the coming years will see progress in all these.

Several times she has retired, to the amusement of all. Now, with the publication of The Blossom of Buddha she is content to retire, this time upward… She waves her last message, "I'll be seeing you!"

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