The Teachings of Oscar Camille, Volume I

Paul Edward Napora

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ISBN: 0-931892-36-8, 160 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $12.95

Who is Oscar Camille?

Oscar Camille is the guardian angel assigned to Paul Edward Napora at his birth. Oscar lived during the fourth century as a French monk. His voice is deep yet gentle, kindly yet stern, and always full of inner love. Together, Oscar Camille and Paul Edward Napora bring us answers to questions you have always wondered about, and some you may have never imagined, including: Open it ... Read it ... Embrace it ... Live it!

Table of Contents

1 Who is Oscar Camille?
2 Life
3 Death
4 Good and Evil
5 Spiritual Guides
6 Spiritual Mansions
7 Reincarnation
8 Meditation
9 Mediumship
10 Spiritual Healing
11 Phenomena
12 Organized Religion
13 Wisdom Left Behind
14 The Universe


Oscar Camille is a Cosmic Master. He is my Guardian Angel who was assigned to me at birth. Over the years I have come to know him not only as a personal friend, but as a loyal ally in times of great stress and need. He is always there when I need him - just as your "guide" or Guardian Angel is always there for you....

Oscar Camille is back from the fourth century. He was born in France, and at an early age, he decided to become a monk. He eventually went to Tibet, where he did accomplish this mission, and died on this earth plane at the age of fifty-six.

Throughout my long association with Oscar, I have only been privileged to see his head, hands, feet, and a portion of his robe. He stands about 5"9' and has a light complexion and a dark, grey beard. His voice is deep yet gentle, kindly yet stern, and always full of inner love.

Oscar has intimated to me that it takes about one thousand earth years to become a Guardian Angel. Some souls, however, being more advanced and privileged because of their love towards God and their fellowman, advance more readily on the other side. Life in the spirit world is constantly busy - that is, if the souls wish to progress and advance. All males on this earth plane have a male Guardian Angel with several fledgling guides behind him, who can be male or female; all females on this earth plane have a female Guardian Angel with several fledgling guides behind her, who can, as well, be male or female. All individuals on this earth plane have a spiritual name assigned to them from the other side of life. To discover this spiritual name, one must be properly attuned to the "higher Masters" on the other side of life. Most people, however, do not know their spiritual names until they reach the hereafter.

As this book is being written, Oscar will be communicating with me directly through my right prophetic ear and/or symbolically. The symbols that will be appearing to me look like hieroglyphics, which I am able to decipher and interpret instantly. I assume also, since this is the case very often, that I will be seeing clear and concise visions from time to time to clarify matters, if the need arises.

Let us now use that golden key to unlock some of those doors, discover some of those treasures, and share some of those precious secrets of Life that Oscar so eloquently expounded to me then - as he continues to do even now.

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 1996

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