The Teachings of Oscar Camille, Volume II

Paul Edward Napora

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ISBN: 0-931892-37-6, 144 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $12.95

For those searching souls who honestly and earnestly wish to make a commitment to positive change within their inner and outer lives

Paul Edward Napora, together with his Guardian Angel, Oscar Camille, who lived during the fourth century as a French monk, delve into the infinite universes of intelligent life with inspiration, information, and reaffirmations of earthly values. The Teachings of Oscar Camille are not meant to be taken lightly but joyously, as they usher humankind toward a greater transformation and heightened spiritual consciousness.

Open it ... Read it ... Cherish it ... Live it!

Includes gentle reminders to:

Table of Contents

1 The Family Unit
2 Learning in Life
3 The Elderly: The Wise Ones
4 The Work Experience
5 My Brother’s Keeper
6 Our Inner and Outer Environment
7 Holistic Living and Other Matters of the Heart, Mind, and Soul
8 Pets in the Family, Plants in the Family
9 Talents and Gifts
10 The Right Road
Author's Note


Manuana, there are many people on your planet who have taken some major wrong turns in their lives, i.e., marriage itself, marriage infidelity, marriage abuse, drugs, alcohol, excessive gambling, and the list, sadly, can go on and on. These wrong turns may not have been intentional, but nonetheless, a mistake or two was made which may take a lifetime to correct or is simply never corrected on your earth plane at all. Hence, there are a host of families and peoples in all fields on your earth planet who suffer quite constantly because of their wrong decisions and their wrong actions in life.

A young couple, for example, who constantly disagree with one another before marriage will rarely, if ever, harmonize in marriage. Yet, sadly, this couple may decide to marry, raise children, and live unhappily for the rest of their earthly lives. This is very prevalent on your earth plane today, Manuana. Another prevalent example is when a man or a woman (or both) before marriage tend to have a vice or two that they hate to give up during courtship, such as drugs, liquor, infidelity, violence, gambling, and so on. One or both of these individuals maintain that they will change their ways or give up their vices after marriage, or one partner may feel he or she can transform the other for the better. Rarely will you see changes here, nor can one partner change another in whom strong negative habits are already ingrained. Yet, sadly, they marry, have children, and live in turmoil. It is unfortunate, Manuana, but many marriages made on earth are not necessarily "made in heaven."

Common sense is an absolute rule to follow, be it in a courtship, marriage, or within a family unit, whoever one may be or whatever one may do in life! Many people, unfortunately, are blinded by some of their negative needs and wants and consequently tend to ignore the ravaging possibilities or outcomes to their wayward thinking and habits. People suffer on your earth plane, Manuana, simply because they fail to listen to their inner intuitive voice which constantly advises them to "change for the better," to "seek help," or to "walk away from anyone or anything negative" within their lives, but they simply refuse to do so. Families suffer because either the mother or father is an alcoholic, expresses violence, is sexually abusive, and so forth. Most people on earth know the difference between right and wrong and do follow this example rather admirably, whereas others fail to utilize the wisdom of what is right, just, and holy.

Many fail to pray or to believe that faith alone can save them and lift them from the despair they feel and live in. They fail to reach out to God in humble, earnest prayer. They fail to ask for the help and assistance they need on earth, as well. And, sadly, the indifferences, disparities, and violences within some families continue to prevail on earth.

Yes, Manuana, there are a host of people on earth who do learn by their mistakes, correct them, and hence, commence to live their lives in a more productive way. Yes, there are also a host of people whose mistakes in life become a humbling experience, and they, too, make amends and commence to live their lives in a more productive manner. Yes, there are also a host of people whose mistakes become a learning experience, and they, too, learn quickly and commence to lead normal and rational lives. But there are some people on your planet Earth who simply refuse to change or better themselves for some excuse or another.

It is, at last, when these wayward and stubborn people enter the first Learning Mansion on this side of life that they commence to realize the folly of their ways on earth. They weep bitterly as they commence to actually see the wrongs they committed upon their loved ones (or whatever wrongs they committed), and in panic they commence to pray to God for forgiveness as though their tomorrows have all ended. Unbeknownst to them, there are infinite tomorrows in Eternity, but they fail to see this for awhile. Within their hearts they have a deep, deep sadness for their loved ones left behind on earth and for all the personal wrongs and abuses they committed upon them. The heartaches they harbor within themselves while they are being psychologically assisted here may take days, months, or even years to dispel. They try so hard to reach their loved ones on earth just to say with a gentle tear, "I am so sorry ... so very sorry ... please forgive me!" But their loved ones cannot see o! r hear them except perhaps through a dream, a mystic, a medium, or a psychic. They are lost within themselves for a time here, but the absolute second they learn to forgive themselves is the absolute second they are free to progress and prosper on this side of life, Manuana. They will eventually meet those whom they have wronged, and in all cases they are forgiven. This forgiveness here allows both souls to progress on this side of life. In many cases, those left behind on earth have the foresight and wisdom to forgive and let rest those who have transgressed against them.

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 1996

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