Books from Blue Dolphin Publishing

Asleep at the Geiger Counter by Sidney Goodman
Nuclear Destruction of the Planet and How to Stop It
ISBN: 978-1-57733-107-0, 290 pp., 13 illus., 6x9, paper, $19.95

Becoming a Political Pain in the Ass by Thomas F. Metzger
How to Change Your Government Sensibly
ISBN: 0-931892-99-6, 176 pages, paperback, $12.95

Beyond Love by Charles Wise
Will Mankind Be Tough Enough to Survive the 21st Century?
ISBN: 1-57733-076-5, 116 pp., 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $12.95

Did Big Brother Give You Permission to Go Wee-Wee? by Thomas F. Metzger
ISBN: 0-931892-98-8, 160 pages, paperback, $12.95

Enjoying the Journey by Peace Pilgrim II
The Adventures, Travels, and Teachings of Peace Pilgrim II
ISBN: 978-0-931892-94-3, 212 pp., 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $14.95

Heal and Forgive by Nancy Richards
Forgiveness in the Face of Abuse
ISBN: 1-57733-158-3, 144 pp., 5 x 8, paperback, $13.00

Heal and Forgive II by Nancy Richards
The Journey from Abuse and Estrangement to Reconciliation
ISBN: 978-1-57733-220-6, 172 pp., 5x8, paperback, $16.00

Freedom to Survive by E. Rae Harcum
A Visionary Novel
ISBN: 978-1-57733-250-3, 406 pp., 6 x 9, paperback, $22.95

Land of the Living by Steven M. Borish, Ph.D.
The Danish Folk High Schools and Denmark's Non-Violent Path to Modernization
ISBN: 1-57733-108-7, 516 pp. 88 photos, 6x9, paper, $34.95
ISBN: 0-931892-62-7, 516 pp., 88 photos, 6x9, hardcover, $49.95

Litigation as Spiritual Practice by George J. Felos
ISBN: 1-57733-104-4, 344 pp., 6x9, hardcover, $24.95

Love, Hope & Recovery by Joann Breeden
Healing the Pain of Addiction
ISBN: 0-931892-77-5, 272 pp., 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $12.95

The Price and Privilege of Being a Woman by Winnie Williams
Encounters with Global Women Who Search for Justice and Compassion
ISBN: 1-57733-184-2, softcover, 336 pp. + 16-page color insert, $16.95
ISBN: 1-57733-188-5, hardcover, 336 pp. + 16-page color insert, $24.95

Rights, Liberties, and Social Justice by John W. Sweeley, Th.D.
How America Lost Its Moral Authority
The Ethics and Politics of Science and Religion, Abortion, Intelligent Design, Women's Rights, and the Separation Between Church and State

ISBN: 978-1-57733-206-0, 452 pp., 6x9, paperback, $29.95

Roots of Violence in the U.S. Culture by Alain J. Richard
A Diagnosis Toward Healing
ISBN: 1-57733-043-9, 176 pages, $14.95

You Aren't Alone by Peggy Kirk
The Voices of Abortion
ISBN: 1-57733-113-3, 220 pp., 6x9, paper, $16.95

You Aren't Alone by Peggy Kirk
The Voices of Homosexuality
ISBN: 1-57733-144-3, 340 pp., 6 x 9, paper, $19.95

The Way It Is by Corbin Harney
One Water, One Air, One Mother Earth
ISBN: 0-931892-80-5, 268 pages, 101 photos, paperback, 6x9, $16.00

Women I Can't Forget by Winnie V. Williams
A Global Traveler Reveals the Struggle and Courage of Women Without Rights
ISBN: 1-57733-081-1, softcover, 224 pp. + 16-page color insert, $16.95
ISBN: 1-57733-097-8, hardcover, 224 pp. + 16-page color insert, $24.95