Health & Healing

Animal Healing and Vibrational Medicine by Sage Holloway
ISBN: 1-57733-078-1, 232 pages, $16.00

Blatant Raw Foodist Propaganda by Joe Alexander
Sell Your Stove to the Junkman and Feel Great!
ISBN: 0-931892-14-7, 160 pages, paperback, $12.95

Commanding the Light by Antonio Silva and Hans Holzer
A Conversation about Paranormal Healing between Antionio Silva, Paranormal Healer, and Hans Holzer, Parapsychologist
ISBN: 978-1-57733-213-8, 116 pp., 5x8, paperback, $13.00

Comprehensive Health Care for Everyone by Thomas M. Collins, D.C.
A Guide for Body, Mind, and Spirit
ISBN: 0-931892-97-X, 418 pages, paperback, 105 illustrations, 8.375 x 10.75, $19.95

Edgework by Ronald L. Peters, M.D.
Exploring the Psychology of Disease: A Manual for Healing Beyond Diet and Fitness
ISBN: 1-57733-116-8, 284 pp., 6x9, paperback, $17.95

Embracing the Miraculous by Deepika Avanti
Attaining Optimal Health on All Levels
ISBN: 978-1-57733-211-4, 220 pp., 5.5 x 8.5, paperback, $17.95

Esoteric Healing by Alan Hopking
A Practical Guide Based on the Teachings of the Tibetan in the Works of Alice A. Bailey
Paperback: ISBN: 1-57733-110-9, $25.00, 6x9, 384 pp.; Self-hardcover: ISBN: 1-57733-162-1, $35.00

Heal Your Cancer by Bruno Cortis, M.D.
Emotional and Spiritual Pathways
ISBN: 978-1-57733-278-7, 66 pp., 7 color photos, 5.25 x 8, $13.00

Her Longest Marathon by Randy A. Birken, M.D.
A Runner's Race to Survive
ISBN: 978-1-57733-226-8, 164 pp., 21 photos, 6x9, paperback, $15.95; ISBN: 978-1-57733-241-1, hardback, $24.95

I Need Help! by Helen Underwood, R.N.
A Stroke Patient's Plea: Suggestions for Patients & Caregivers Including Simplified Medical Terminology
ISBN: 0-931892-72-4, 112 pages, paperback, $8.95

It's Your Life! by James A. Schaller, M.D.
A Gynecologist Challenges You to Take Control
ISBN: 1-57733-004-8, paperback, $16.95; ISBN: 1-57733-018-8, cloth, $24.95; 360 pages

Love Your Patients! by Scott Louis Diering, M.D.
Improving Patient Satisfaction with Essential Behaviors That Enrich the Lives of Patients & Professionals
256 pp., 5.5 x 8.5; Paperback, ISBN: 1-57733-141-9, $17.95;
Self-hardcover, ISBN: 1-57733-159-1, $27.95

The Making of a Surgeon in the 21st Century by Craig A. Miller, M.D.
252 pp., 6x9; Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-57733-228-2, $17.95
Hardcover: ISBN: 1-57733-115-5, $29.95

Marijuana: Medical Papers, 1839-1972, edited by Tod H. Mikuriya, M.D.
ISBN: 978-1-57733-167-4, 496 pp., 6x9, hardcover, $49.95 ; ISBN: 978-1-57733-219-0, 496 pp., 6x9, softcover, $29.95

An M.D.'s Life-Saving Health Solutions by James A. Schaller, M.D.
ISBN: 978-1-57733-292-3, 180 pp., 5.5 x 8.5, paperback, $16.00

My Doctor Says I'm Fine ... So Why Do I Feel So Bad
by Margaret Peet, N.D. & Shoshana Zimmerman, N.D.
ISBN: 1-57733-085-4, 340 pp., $19.95

Millboro and More by Marge Rieder, Ph.D.
Introducing Hypnotherapy for Stroke Paralysis
ISBN: 1-57733-129-X, 196 pp., 5.5 x 8.5, paperback, $14.95

Raise Your Vibration with Nutrition and Fasting by Nogah Lord
ISBN: 978-0-931892-68-4, 82 pp., 5.5 x 8.5, paperback, $13.00

Rejuvenation by Ken Counts, Ph.D.
or, "My Birthday-Suit Doesn't Fit Me Any More!": A Guide to Nutrition, Exercise and Attitude
ISBN: 978-1-57733-157-5, 284 pp., 78 photos, 6x9, paperback, $17.95

Orthomolecular Diet by Richard Heinrich
The Paleolithic Paradigm
ISBN: 978-1-57733-174-2, 212 pp., 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-57733-201-5, 212 pp., 5.5 x 8.5, hardcover, $24.95

The Proactive Patient by Gaye Grisson Sandler & Andrew B. Sandler, Ph.D.
Managing Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain Syndrome and the Related Conditions: Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Vulvodynia, Chronic Prostatitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and More
ISBN: 978-1-57733-237-4, 322 pp., 6x9, paperback, $25.00

Starch Madness by Richard L. Heinrich
Paleolithic Nutrition for Today
ISBN: 1-57733-027-7, 176 pages, paperback, $12.95

Stroke by Madelina A. DePaz
Brain Assault: Suggestions, Encouragement and Exercises to Help You or Your Loved One Overcome the Effects of a Stroke
Symposium, ISBN: 1-57733-074-9, 136 pp., 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $12.95

Vegan Inspiration by Vegan Chef Todd Dacey with Jia Patten
Whole Food Recipes for Life
ISBN: 978-1-57733-216-9, 224 pp., 7.5 x 9, spiral binding, $22.95

Women's Health Care Revisited for 2012 ... and Beyond by James A. Schaller, M.D.
Simple Advice for Staying Healthy Longer: An Abridged Version of It's Your Life: A Gynecologist Challenges You to Take Control
ISBN: 978-1-57733-262-6, 108 pp., 5.5 x 8.5, paperback, $13.00